Uprising Featuring Endia

[Track 5] Uprising Featuring Endia

Verse 1:
Descend with a rebel army.
I reckon y’all see..
..my type irregularly.
Spaceships wanna get to where my medulla be.
Meddle in the nebula. In the heavens I be.
Competition say we on a lower level are we?
Yes. Everybody else much lower
Crowd put me in your shoes now my good luck showing.
You couldn’t get em to move with a huge truck towing.
Leading a resistance.
One nation for the muslims, heathen and the christians.
Didnt wanna hear him, even when they listened.
Crowd disappearing. He been a magician.
Back from my inner sanctum.
Battling for peace, chanting a winner’ s anthem.
Well read (red), like chicks’ booties when I spank em.
Swell heads with the knowledge that I be impacting.

Verse 2:
Brave heart but they yell treason.
In the grave yard pulling hip hop out, still breathing.
Bring it home like a stray dog.
Everybody gotta play a part.
Separate art from the ones who deceiving.
Imma start a revolution.
Change is a necessary part of evolution.
My thoughts..
..might cause..
..a riot..
Get a king off his high horse..by force..and ride it.
Stand down. This is a rebellion.
Televised, but they never let you keep the telly on.
Show at the clubs and the shows,
carry heavy arms..
..like Show love or be blown by my many bombs.
Boomshakalaka killing every Shaka Zulu.
Who’s got the proper weapon that can pop em, you do.
Change is coming and you scared to the bone.
Fake Kings with them plastic chairs for your thrones.

Verse 3:
Uprising, the rightful rap heir rules.
You a couple white mice to a black were-wolf.
It’s hunting season. The attack verbal.
Take shots, give em back..like they lack rear bone.
If the rap sells and I blow and the shrapnel’s trapped in a crack in your dome..
..perhaps after the blast they’ll..
..say your best rapper slacked and turned maxwell for the doe.
Game wasn’t safe. Crowd mentality came..
..then all of a sudden the crowd mentality changed.
Ask who’s he.
I’m the black Bruce Lee.
Choke you, take the O2 gas you breathe.
Two mics tied like nunchuka.
Black belt never untied. Might be the type you unbuckle.
Underdog headed where the real cash flows.
El presidente. I’m Fidel Castro.