Trip Featuring Cat Mayel

[Track 10] Trip Featuring Cat Mayel

Verse 1:
Been saying hi from another dimension.
Can a nigga get some love and attention.
Never that guy that they bother to mention..
..but I got drive that will fuck up your engine.
I go zoom.
Lost in smoke when the car go vroom.
Grab that chick that you call yo boo..
..and the pipe stroke.. make her hit high notes better than auto-tune.
Y’all gon tune in to the announcement..
..that I got a whole city bouncing.. these rappers checks.
Not Mic check 1, 2.
I don’t give a fuck but I will when shawties that like sex want to..
..get a few rounds and your wife gets one too.
Maybe gotta get a day job for the night flex.
High expectations for the rap cos I write best.
If it don’t work out, biceps gon do.
Been carrying many burdens..
..searching for that bed of roses.
Lurking in the shadows.. working..
..then I resurface into to light.
I’m going in like a surgeon.
Somebody tell my mama that I prolly gotta be evil until I make it, I hate it but damn I gotta do it so the rating be surging.
Food for thought, but I done spiked it with pills.
I’m in lab all day making that dope. That’s how writing this feels.
Everybody that been through pain, come listen as this vicodin heals.
In the darkness, in a storm, your strength is what the lightning reveals.

Verse 2:
They call me brain but I don’t need pinky.
I’m just saying that I do my own thinking..
..but the pain leave a nigga heart empty.. I been praying, now the holy ghost in me.
Ordained and the devil wanna tempt me..
..but I been blessed.
Yeah I know I gotta sin less..
..but this thing gets..
..hard when a chick brings sex..
..even when I’m broke and i’m in the bro zone, so it’s one for the money, two for the incest..
..and run from the honeys, you gotta invest.. your life.
Never listened since I’ve been a little dude.
I met this girl who’s fine with the titties too..
..but her mind is for ridicule.
It’s about as deep as Vic O writing rhymes in a kiddie pool.
I said tell me are you into me because I’m tryna get into you.
Shawty gave me brain and I called it Headucation.
Never let a hoe tell like a reservation.
Everybody gonna know about the beds you breaking..
..and if she getting doe from the bread you baking.
Happy place of mine.
Space and time.
I gotta relocate my mind when I’m tripping.