The Thirsty Interlude [Lyrics]

The Thirsty Interlude

Produced By Black Intelligence

I mean like like i been seeing you around and shit I was, i was like tryna get high enough to talk to you

[PayBac Hook]
I just want your number baby boo
Maybe later I could holla at you
I could call you when I get off by two
I just want your number baby boo

Hey lady where the hell you running to
I wanna know your name and your number
Snapchat and your Instagram too

[PayBac Verse]
Pretty lady how you doing?
Hope you smiling crazy
You hear this song
My name is pay b just so you know
But you can call me baby anything goes

I talk the talk
Sugars bad for me
But You sweet enough to eat
Don’t mind if i lose my teeth

I walk the walk
I never tasted defeat
Not even running these streets
Tripping ain’t my steeze

I searched and found
A prefect design
Them other jerks was blind
They couldn’t work your mind
Just pulled skirts aside
They ain’t worth your time
Ever had sex with a guy that’s uncircumcised

Well i am but i make up for it i goes hard
And here lemme carry your bag with no charge
Okay gimme your number or you ain’t get your phone love

Hey its not mine
C’mon we grown ups

[Boogey Verse]
Before I speak, you need to know this
This has got absolutely nothing to do your cleavage showing..
..or my penis boner
I like your intellect and your beautiful soul
Sike! I seen that ass on your IG..
..And I recognized it when I seen you pass in that white Jeans
A walking like button..
..for niggas that like but and.. anything for it
Even foreign trips
Me and i’m poor and shit.. all we can do is pour and sip..
..Shayo at my friend’s barbeque thing
I’m starting to think.. I friggin poked your facebook once
You ain’t poke back… I was thinking I hate you cunt
Whoa! That was the younger me..
..before the longer D
I’m hoping I didn’t offend you… don’t say we can no longer be
Please, I stalked you twitter even before I opened one
I had this record of mine with all your pics and dates you posted on
It was RTs, RTs every time you posted bum..
..when you like my pics, I feel like i’m supposed to come

[Boogey Hook]
I just wanna put all of me inside all of you
I don’t know your name yet so can I call you boo
(Ooo) x2

Hey lady Where the hell you running to
I wanna know your name and your number snapchat and your Instagram too