The Land Is Red

[Track 7] The Land Is Red

Ain’t it hard for you to believe..
..that this land upon which we stand ever used to be green.
It’s now quick sand.. I pray you withstand it and do it with ease..
..cos underneath is a beast with a swift hand that’ll slit man’s throat, laughing at you as you bleed.
Better know that you are a seed..
..and if you survive the reaping..
..but they don’t see why to keep you alive..
..or find a reason to feed you then.. you are a weed.
The land was green, its red with blood now, we as blue as the sea.
True colours will.. after you vote but you follow still.
Do you hear the screams of every human being that you prolly killed..
..or do you play deaf when you pay debts and the loots cover bills?
Sad that a bunch of men are killing our future.
Saying corruption’s really fucked up, but the stealing we’re used to.
Terror filling the news up..
..and its really a nuisance.
My country a ticking bomb and who can really defuse it?
They blowing them billions that got a million uses.

Wake up and see the problem, realise you are a part of it.
They buy your souls for bags of rice and then death is the parting gift..
..but y’all still at each other’s throats on some I hate your party shit.
APC, PDP, fuck em all and fuck your politics.
IDPs dying but somebody just bought a whip and got some houses for all his kids.
Catch em in the act and then they falling sick.
Apalling shit, these parlour tricks.
We dying slow, like the same killers that come and leave.
Fake ass committees and sub-committees..
..growing money trees.
Sole objective is get a couple more zeros till they make the commas three.

Things are explosive in the north..
..and your teenage kid on Instagram posing with a porsche..
..that you bought.. with part of the money meant to arm a soldier.
Now anybody can harm a soldier.
Can’t wait until karma holds ya..
..responsible and makes you pay a thousand fold.
I hope you cry and die a thousand deaths for every thousand souls..
..that you sent to the maker.
Perfect space for you in hell, go ahead and rent it, it’s vacant.
We pulling out our own teeth and telling the dentist they aching.
Pain excruciating no matter how gentle I take it.
People of this land don’t fear God, hence it’s forsaken.
But then again, man will his own choices.
We turn up the religion, hoping that our deeds are noiseless.
A mother holding her son or whatever’s left of him.
You never see true colours until they blow up your next of kin.