The King Is Here

Verse 1 [Boogey]
Rose from the ashes a phoenix, I mean it.
The flow on the raps is anemic. It be sick..
..I throw up on tracks, i’m bulimic..
..and I feed it..
.. to youuu.
..and you eat it
.. but ewww..
what I mean is..
I go off I, I blow up… repeatedly heated.
You becoming a man and you grow up, believing my league is achievable.
Stepping up don’t work with
baby steps? Under your feet is.. a foetus?
Now they want proof..
..that I can make anybody go poof in an instant.
Zeus when the lightning shoots with a vengeance.
Dudes wanna fight, come lose to a ninja.
And he could battle any one of you muthafuckas in the land who be against him.
Did I mention..
He could pull up with a couple of dragons and set fire to the booth from the entrance.

Verse 2 [Boogey]
Are you talking to me?
You gassed up by the rap heads hawking the beef.
If you buying, you dying. Your coffin is deep.. the ground.. but your body maybe lost in a sea.
You ain’t chasing dreams, you just walk in your sleep.
I know better. Go getter till i’m bossing the streets.
IQ minute? Me i’m steve hawking on beats.
You die waiting for the rhyme scheme to be exhausted and weak.
Beep beep.
Wrote this with alien tech..
..and a combination of various sets..
..of mind far superior, period.
Gate keepers better let me through the gate in a second.. and pay me the checks..
..until I buy the crown.. and become a great leader and they pay me respect..
..and then I be coming for you suckers F’ing with me but never pay me for sex.
I wanna blow but they ain’t ready for uranium yet.

Verse 3 [Boogey]
Ooooh I’m on a banger with banga lee.
Making a killing if you anger me.
Blood stain on my handkerchief.
Stealing the show. I’m the King of a band of thieves.
Crown missing. Understand it’s me.
..To get it, I get you beheaded, you be headed to hell.
Wipe your DNA off and it should be ready to sell.
Packaged and wrapped, if you damage the pack..
..Damn it, I snap.
Cause a panic attack.
You better Hand me your staff..
..while your hand is attached.
I’m an animal having a cannibal snack..
..and I hunger for more when the famine Is back.
I ain’t lying, i’m a lion and it’s funny listening to other cats go meow.
Sweet jeez I’m a beast when I feast and my rap videos on Nat Geo wild.