Ten Times Removed

[Track 15] Ten Times Removed
Samples XV’s “Smallville”, Written by Boogey

How did this yellow nigga stray from the yellow brick road?/ The course of nature been altered and hell will be cold/ God seeing the devil in private and he’s selling him souls/ Heaven is closed/ till further notice/ Earth is full of worms and roaches/ A burning boat is floating on a river of fire/ Holy water falls fail to save my spirit from dying/ cos the water can’t quench the fire nigga, no such thing as spiritual science/ Feel like a champion that’s stripped of his triumph/ Lord save him/ He’s forsaken/ Ignored, waiting/ for your grace and/ his treated like a peasant who’s poor taking/ ’em alms, but in foreign places/ they would coronate him/ Would he be appreciated there or is it just more vacant? / My dreams gotta start switching places with my real life/ If my angry verses can’t be heard then tell me why the fuck do I still write?/ Why do I kill mics? Tell me Will I/ ever know what stardom feels like? / Can I trust these niggas who be saying that they got my back when they holding steel knives?

Them guys holding/ ’em knives know that/ I’m bipolar/ and my emotions/ get d best of me, cos I told ’em/ Gave lucifer my secrets before he became the devil/ A cold hearted being causing shivers like a change of weather/ and became estranged from heaven/ I’m at that cross roads/ with a cross bow/ and a Sword so/ I can save about a million lost souls/ My thoughts go/ so deep they be digging up raw coal/ but none of y’all buying all the shit that I say, my stores closed/ All I made for the day was false hope/ My pockets full of that shit/ These brothers full of it/ They say that you the shit/ but if you will fit/ In this music biz,/ know that truth is myth/ and vice versa and you’ll be rich/ or watch the moon eclipse your sun/ A lunatic is born/ when your dinner is remnants of that Tuna fish from lunch/ Got you thinking u should prolly join a crew equipped with guns/ But I chose to carry my cross, let it/ be known that after the battle is over, the only arms you will have will be prosthetic/