Superhero Featuring Pasha

[Track4] Superhero Featuring Pasha

Verse 1:
I could be your super hero.
I could be your hulk if I could gain a couple kilos.
You’ve got the form.. be good at some porn.
Grab the bull by the horns, I see you pulling on D-rose.
My D rose..
..every time I saw you do the dance..
..where you make it clap for me but you never use your hands.
Clap, clap. We make it clap.
I wanna lay my head on booty and take a nap.
She want a batman, no power but I do the work..
..and I gotta be the richest nigga in the universe.
You gotta know I wanna do you like I do the verse.
Go hard when I go in, then I do the dirt.
The last rhyme bender how I move the words.
More power to me, yeah I can use a surge.
Aqua man got u wet just how ya want it.
The whole floor like somebody left the shower running.

Verse 2:
Professor X when I make you touch your toes..
..with the mind control and you taking off your clothes.
If I lost my powers but you naked on the flo’.. a supercalifragilisticexpialiHOE
Teach you how to dougie, teach you how to dougie.
If you learn, then you can use it in seeking out a hubby.
Oh, your man dumped you, guess i’m kinda lucky.
One man’s moonwalk, another man’s shoki.
I’m running round the city at the speed of light..
..looking for pretty women that imma give the D tonight.
Call a referee if you really want me to beat it right.
Make you scream (Oh Yes) like I asked you to be the wife.
She could be the Cat Woman when the claws come out.
Yeah the movie sucked but she got an awesome mouth.
Oh I done said it.
She call my shit the hydra.. but it’s one headed.
Hey mama come get it.