Stori [Remix] Lyrics

Stori [Remix] – Boogey x Saeon

So they see the cub all grown up now..
..from a little lion to being the riddle I am..
..and they wanna tell me that they all know what now..
..or who a nigga be. New ability. Keep fighting when they killing me in all those tough rounds.
Eyes swollen but the vision intact.
Quite whole, you wanna split it in half.
Been a menace to men and they never keeping up, I’m the reason they never sleep enough. They the reason I fly solo, now they wishing I crash.
I’m bipolar, no I’m sicker than that.
Leaving the non-believers in need of a way to eat the words.
Thomas if you doubting me now, you wouldn’t be the first.
Still I rise.
Feeling Like..
..Maya angelou..
..til I become whom they admire and the news..
..steady making me the story at ten.
They wanna tell of the greatest of the glorious men.

I got war stories.
They were locking me out and now they holding the door for me..
..and they all sorry.
I got more stories. Me and my homies gather round a fire trying to tell em all when we all forty.
I’ll leave in a keke and pull up in a bugatti, you got me? That’s what a fella wanna know yeah I got you clearly, wanna see me in the wreckage if a wall stop me.
Me a crash dummy? I’ll never crash dummy.
You wanna measure longevity, wanna see how long I am the ruler.
I been running a race, I been gunning for records and you still tying your shoes up.
Thinking maybe I could be the lion of Juda..
..and my lioness, it gotta be Saeon Moruda.
The looking for a messiah to inspire a higher level of hope and to open their eyes.
Healing everybody broken inside.
My legacy frozen in time.