Stay [Nas’ Stay cover]

Verse 1 [Boogey]
But people always leave.
I would try but my conscience is always stalling me.
How could you bounce with the hope and the love and the trust and not even leave an apology.
Like that would make things better.
I got something in my eyes, so they may seem wetter.
Never tears, if you thought that’s what I implied.
I mastered the art of crying on the inside.
These days I just tell myself that the same thing that took away one source of joy might just bring five.
Usually it’s false. I used to be repulsed by the fact.. but now I try to let everything slide.
She said i’ll do me.
You should do you.
It’s not working. Translation; you exceeded your full use.
Feel like a fool used..
..until i’m worthless.
Time heals wounds, why don’t I feel the hurt less.
And so I begged.
Impossible to let your ego tell em go ahead..
..when you really love em.
The bugs in your stomach been really buzzing..
But your feelings gonna be crushed and they feel it coming.
Said you would stay but you ran like u were stealing something.
Pssh I aint crying, i’m just peeling onions.
You left this man guessing.
I hear your song on radio and wonder, do u still think of me? Jamb question.


Verse 2 [Boogey]
But people never do.
You never knew.. were only a source of revenue?
They laughing to the bank with you.
Hang with you.
Go broke, they go ghost..
when the dead presidents gone and they can’t miss you.
Why would they..
..on a good day?
You love the yes men and how they always do what you say.
Like you got you some new slaves.
But never knew that all your plantation boys were 2 Faced.
It broke your heart that they didn’t..
Cute chicks think you cute and you so funny.
Bad bitches love the D if you show money. Church girl said ‘if you don’t embrace christ, don’t hug me’.
Get famous and even if you look like aki and paw paw, they all say ‘you so yummy. You will grow on me’.
Men wanna act like they eating and so they go hungry.
Way to go dummy.
She gon leave your ass for a jerk..
..who’s making a lotta cash from his work.
Same dude who never treats her right.
Beats her right?
But he puts stacks in her purse.
Are that’s really what her passion is worth?
And you, people never appreciated you.
Until after you’d. gone..
..back to the one..
..who had created you.
You lived your life in the dark and it ate at you.
Nobody gave a damn how you made it through.
And they never supported your dreams..
..even though you paid your dues..
..but they wanna act sad that you never made em true.
The whole industry is a lie.
They praise you with the mouth and they kill you with the eyes.
Celebrate with those you suffering with.
Cos nobody has faith in your success if you aint offering shit.
If you ever lose your buzz and you slip..
..and your 15 minutes all gone and it was in a split..
..second and they see fault, you realise they been waiting for it to show like a buffering clip.
That’s why they..
Stay stay stay stay witchu.
You on top of your game and everybody plays witchu.
You fall off and become a memory in brain tissue.
The best player missing the sound of the game whistle
You call em, they ignore and then you leave and they miss you.
You try to keep em close and they talking about how they owe you nothing..
..and then you die and they bury you in a golden coffin.
Want you to stay but if you say you gotta go then fuck it.