Shut Up Featuring Ms. Chief

[Track 11] Shut Up Featuring Ms. Chief

Verse 1:
Thought I told em that talk is cheap.
Pay that fee and get taught to speak.
Run around with that running mouth.
It’s like water now..
..and your faucet leaking.
Even in silence I killed em.
An assassin soon as I spill ink.
Haters, they leave you to drown after they promise land, you die pilgrim.
David is coming for y’all..
..liars acting like Goliath, i’m stunting on y’all.
I’m calling it pride, I form an alliance with lions if you kitty cats wanna brawl. (Ha!)
Flow that be tighter than skull caps..
..or Burna Boy stage panties.
..for the cry babies.
He too lyrical, I can’t keep up. Sh sh shut up!

Verse 2:
I know that you fake, why you wan gas me.
Make I relax, you go run pass me..
..and take everything that I want badly.
Gimme my credit, I’m Don Jazzy.
You telling us that you do you..
..but do you?
Just one me, I see two yous..
..with different colours to use.
Chameleon camo never captured on cam.
Even when it happens, the caption is daaaamn.
Yeah we know that money talks and yours started yapping.
The way my account is set up, shut up, it’s more Charlie Chaplin.
Last night I was at a party asking..
..this one chick out and her reaction..

*response in Yoruba*