Say Amen

[Track 8] Say Amen

Verse 1:
Say a prayer for the good people.. poverty stricken, killing themselves for food even.
Money can save a life but no money saved and the hoods lethal.
Staring at the rich, knowing that you could be too.
Do you wanna die poor there?
Blessings and riches from God, you can find yours here.
Those were the words typed on a flyer.. the church.. with the photo of the pastor looking like the messiah.. the common man is gullible and might wanna try it..
..but it’s Just a salesman giving prices to buyers..
..and some of em disappointed thinking Christ is too biased.
Silly gamble and you rolling dice with the liars..
..hoping you lucky as David in the fight with Goliath.
All I can do pray you get through desperate times.
I can feel your pain but i’m still trying to escape mine..
.and you been ignoring your blessings unless they shine.
What about your kid who got a scholarship..
..with no politics.
All them rich kids she’s about to get knowledge with.
What about your wife, kept you moving when you broke down..
..crying like how do we cope now.
Encouraging words from her lips were profound.
New hope found.
Made you loosen the noose and put the rope down..
..saying we will survive, I bet you we will survive.
The journey hard as hell but I bet you we will arrive. Say Amen

Verse 2:
Say a prayer for this kid Wale..
..who had ambition and hated what he did all day.
Mind of a genius he had.
Straight As until JSS3, he lost his dad.
Where was the mercy they told him all his life Jesus would have?
His faith lost like his mom’s job..
..and he thought he could do a better job if ever he could become God.
He dropped out, mates walking by in uniforms.
Few years later, they will all be in their uni dorms.
Many lessons his daddy taught em.
Praying his mom would never leave cos none of em prepared him for the life of an unhappy orphan.
He was alive, even though he hated selling that sachet water.
Bible in his left hand, Quran in his right.
Gun on the table, which of em could help him man up and fight.
When life knocks you down, bro you gotta stand up and strike.
When it’s ride or die, don’t you dare take your hands off the bike.

Now Say Amen