Salute Me

[Track 2] Salute Me Featuring Aduke, Sabre and Lord Vino

[Chorus] Aduke:
My light no go hide
My fame no go die
Aseyori n ta bere
Iyen no be lie
Eegun mi ti jade
You know what to do
To ba ti ri mi l’okere
O mo’un o ye ose
Salute me
I tell them
Salute me
The man dem
Salute me
All the gyal dem
Salute me

Verse 1 [Boogey]
..on a war path.
Gonna become a god.
Run along..
..when I walk past.
Gonna be kamikaze.
Boom blocka boom blocka.
Gonna be Rambo in here.
You would think it was track and field in this bitch how they ran when they heard..Pow!
Some of em say they generals, they give a soldier a load of crap.
I said I come in peace and you pissed I sold ya a load of crap.
Sike! I was only wishing to make you wish you had learned to fight.
You got scared to earn your stripes.
You only concerned with bribe
Pum pum pum prrrrum pum pum..
..and the trumpet sounds and I run from none.
Killing everybody in my way..better start to pray..
..that the sound that come from drums..
..and the trumpets, don’t mean that it’s your end time, fellas.
Them guys jealous.
They know the rookie ten times better.
Gather the spoils of war, we gonna be wealthy as hell.
They gonna wish that we fall and drown if we do well for ourselves. (You dig?)
I’m Saddam Hussein with a noose loose and a statue intact.
I don’t capture, in fact..
.. I catch you and hack you to pieces.
I don’t know what peace is.


Verse 2 [Sabre]
Who she be, we ain’t got a clue,
But when she comes through, there’s no guessing what she’s gonna do,
Non – violent, her flow be ‘kung – fu’,
Step aside, make way, she be friggin’ brand new!
Welcome to the future!
Grab a sit and watch as I paint you a picture,
Vocal texture like none other, it’s freshness! It’s crazy! The mixture,
This creature’s like none other!
I could take your best with my eyes closed, (blindfold)
‘S’ on my chest, hell yeah! I maim foes,
Step on toes, break a nose, slap em’ whores, change the game, no one knows, strike a pose and, Flick! Flick! Flick! The camera goes,
Get the picture clear?
La league d’extraordinaire, you can’t compare,
Don’t come near, I’m your worst nightmare, I’m that thing you fear,
So blow a fanfare and salute me dear!


Verse 3 [Lord Vino]
If you ain’t spitting bars, don’t address me with no letter man
It’s the late show and I’m about to play Letterman
David to these industry giants, who is the bigger man
If you a veteran, it don’t mean you the better man
years in the game, I UNDERSTAND.. Like Juve
I give you your props, but I might have to take your groupies
you don’t know how to act?, then your drama won’t move me
My lines make scenes, every  verse is a movie
Armed Forces, I’m the Major with the Uzzi
You gon need a strong Military to recruit me
Al Mustapha in the 90’s. you cant shoot me
Put niggas behind bars, Generals salute me
I’m bout to plot a coup with the way that I be rapping
Member of the crew giving orders to the captain
Tie it up, I’m trynna get the outfit that suits me
A general I should be, Like M.I to Loopy, SALUTE ME