Said No

[Track 5] Said No Featuring Yvonne

Chorus [Yvonne]
Oooh don’t you know that i got you down by the riverside.
I pull you in without a fight.
You gave me once upon a time, I returned a smile.
Close your eyes, say la la la la la
I’ll be alright, I’ll tell you many many lies
He said No, baby i’m burning.
I let go, I don’t deserve him.

Verse 1 [Boogey]
Fifi kept me in the touch me but don’t love me zone.
Kinda feels like you borrowing something that you wanna own.
Light skinned and even now, people think that we siblings..
..And those who didn’t think so concluded that I was hitting it.
Mind your business..
..Is what I told em.
Had my eye on a few but she was comfy at the top of the totem.
Talking bout I like you but it’s better if we non-exclusive.
I asked why and she gave the following dumb excuses.
I aint ready for ntn serious. Period. If we fall, we gon get hurt and Cupid will never pity us.
We could complicate dis with..
..Feelings and a relationship.
When we lovers, we get tired of each other and start googling some …wait for it..break up tips.
Go from sharing Naked pics..
..To this dating shit.. never speaking again and..chill let me take a sip..
..Of this fanta.
(Want some?) I’m like nah, you can go on with your banter. (Uhn)
Okay David. Everybody’s thinking we an item.
I’m young. I just wanna have fun with a dude if I like him.
NNPC towers and we see each other every day.
Leaving work together saying hey baby how was your day?
Thick as thieves.Sharing secrets.
Saying I got your back, I will never leave you paraplegic.
I was Abraham realising isaac wasn’t my son before birth,
still hoping Sarah keeps it.
No matter who she’d prefer to be with.


Verse 2 [Boogey]
Thank God it’s Friday(hey) Time 4pm
I call her like how’s end
Imma come get you from your office and we can.. Start our Weekend.
But I was weakened by her answer.
She said I made plans I cannot cancel..
..with some dude. It’s not watchu thinking.He just wanna be friends.
I said you See men..
..We pretend..
..Like we aint tryna give you that Semen.
It blows that we secretly hoping to make your knees bend.
Pun intended
I hope no one’s offended.
Meeting at a bar then? Eating at a restau..
You going to his appartment?
Look at your cleavage . It’s Too damn much.
she said u jealous, I can see it. It’s Cool man hush.
They can Look and lust..
..But dem dudes can’t touch.
(Nah I aint jealous,I’m just saying). Boy You can bluff.
But everytime I call your bluff, baby you hang up.(Oh)
She’s gone, I am..
..Thinking I’m done trying.
Many Chicks down with me but the chosen one flying..
..Away into another man’s arms.
I’m getting too soft. Being in love is damn hard.
I should go Get attached to someone other than her.
My anger speaking.
I’m snoopy like a chick who’s thinking that her man is cheating.. hours later, I’m calling but she aint picking.
Imagination saying he’s unzipping her denim.
Don’t let the love bug bite you, you’ll be Sick from the venom.


Verse 3 [Boogey]
(Hi) Hey, I been calling. You didn’t answer your fone.
She said I was busy. I heard and ran to the fone.
Busy doing what? Hmn Paranoia kicking in.
Interrogation like she should have a lawyer sitting in.
Wait a second. You sound like u been crying. You ok?
Oh Dave. I’m ok. Shut up you are lying.
I hear a smash and a click sound. Unexpected.
Call disconnected. I’m about to flip now.
Imma say what happened next on one Condition.
That u agree that I had become omniscient
Dude had been tryna kiss her..
..So she said I gotta go it’s getting late. He wasn’t tryna listen.
Grabbed her hand. Grip on her wrist tight.
Grabbed the second in case she put up a fist fight.
She thought he was bluffin. He was going for her button.
But..inside she was hoping that someone would butt in.
Nobody did.
And she thinking damn his body big.
I should prolly beg.
But Why’s he tryna part my legs.
She jabbing at his head hoping that her stength cracks it.
She started wishing she had taken Defence classes
Teary eyed whispering gimme the Power god
But she only had enough to knock over a Flower vase.
Large hands. Palm to her face..saying shut up.
No one hearing you..cos there’s No no one here but us.
lights in her eyes dimmed at she gave up..
..Hoping she’d never wake up..
..And then..and then..and then..