Ready To Blow [Lyrics]

Ready To Blow

Produced By Sizzle Pro

Tick tock x2

[Verse 1 : Boogey]
It’s Boogey the mic avenger
I’m living this life of anger
Tomorrow I might just end ya
Today I’m quite the angel
I told you my colours are true and you knew that a nigga the nicest painter
I scatter and splatter whenever I see red, despite the danger
The frustration.. me telling em fuck waiting
I been waiting to fuck the game up since they had me butt naked.. the town square
..making fun of me, I was like how dare?
It’s sad that none of em wanna believe that I ain’t from around here
You at the top and I be your worst of your underground fears
Kill season and you never putting the hunter down, deer
Not one of the get it rappers..
..that gotta say get it after
Don’t care if you get it, I dribble the words and I get it past em
I’m ready to blow.. or maybe already blasting
If you slow, i’m spitting it if you never caught it rapid, you gotta know, not even a semi faster

*But what about when they wearing vest homie
You sounding the alarm but many people slept on it*
I’m throwing a bomb, it’s
..going atomic
Thomas doubting but you know what the time is

*Yeah I know what the time is. Tick tock

That’s Word up
Give em a loud bang… so they never say that they never heard it
Niggas be like

*when you blow, take along your guys and shit.*

When I blow up and i’m taking a bunch of people with me on some alqaeda shit
Niggas i’m riding with
They never survive the hit
Mama and papa can chill in the back seat while I drive the whip
No stress

[Chorus : Sizzle Pro]
I’m ready to go x2
I’m ready to blow x2

[Verse 2 : PayBac]
I got a show at freedom park
Today in the night
They spelt my name wrong on the flier
With a k
That ain’t right
My manager said they get a spare five minutes they squeeze me in
They should i always give the stage life
He said

*You got the guys the number?
And you got your cd
A change of clothes
This fucking idiot*

Okay its my turn yes
No wait yaylow is next
Oh great now I’m depressed
Still ain’t signed a groupies breast
I waited for so long
Tryna get nearer
Rehearsed my whole songs
In front of the mirror
1st i say a joke uhm
Make sure that the house together
Then i spit my flow son
Show me who could do it better
I’m back stage and ycee just performed
His jagaba-an song
You think he shut it down
Just wait till i get on
They said after burna boy
Then after baddosneh
Wizkid and caro sef
Even cassper nyovest

*Paybac you gotta wait a little longer*

That’s the guy that knows the guy who banging the promoters daughter
Now I’m smoking weed in the toilets
You know?
Straight outta okota
Met the organizer
I said let me rap brother
He said

*oh no the shows about to close
Folks is going home*

I said you don’t let me rap
The whole place is getting blown so
Let me rhyme a rhyme
Or everybody dying
Dynamite and cyanide fly in everybody eyes

Apologies to everyone but this is how it must be
Under everyones seat
There’s c4 and kerosene
You could let me do one song or go to heaven
With me
Anywhere belle face
Either ways
Man I’m ready to go x2

[Repeat Chorus till fade]