Radio Out

[Track 2] Radio Out

Verse 1:
I’m the realest of em blessed with an unreal flow.
Say they run the city but em niggas run real slow..
.. like a shawty with em long heels..
..running uphill.
None will see my level while the sun still glows.
I’ve come real close.
Win this shit with one field goal..
..and your shawty vibrating, when I hit it, it’s a done deal tho.
Cypher, sorta true, i’m the seeker.
If the microphone the sword of truth, then the speakers..
..gotta be the confessor..
..and the compressor is the wiz, telling me to leave the biz if I’m gon mess up.
Delivery is dope, drug seller’s house.
Resurrect hope like they dug fela out.
You know I gotta get the doe, fuck selling out..
..but I don’t do it only for the bucks, tell em now.
Hope they read a fella loud and clear.
Flow sharper than the tips of a thousand spears.

Verse 2:
Mind lies in a zone where the rockets don’t go.
Time flies on its own so the watches don’t float.
Blind guy tryna watch his own road..
..kinda like the blood of a dying guy tryna stop its own flow. Ha!
..that i’m being wise.
No rushing like em eastern european guys.
I’m on a one way plane to the stardom.
Blessed like a sunday praying to the father..
..and everyone they claim is an artiste wack..
..and every song they playing is some garbage.
I mean most of em are not nice.
Flowing well as me?
Snow in hell, hot ice.
And if a better rapping ever happened, see my fifteen minutes turn everlasting.
They don’t read a fella loud and clear.
He ain’t from around here so the sound is rare.

Verse 3:
I’m a part of two halves.
You don’t understand like it’s hard to do math.
Half of me a smarter dude, half is an evil beast, horns teeth, feast on a nigga feeling fly with the auto tune rap.
I’m a dragon in a mouse hole.
Suffocating when I get to rapping then i’m out cold.
Wake up and the cake up in a pile and I smile when they say my CD sold and my track in every household.
Imma blow, saying that I won’t like saying shawty suck pipe with her mouth closed.
Talk about chicks, what a player man..
..but somebody gotta lose every day I win.
Then again, tell your man to give you one last head and retire from the game like Zinedin.
They don’t read a fella loud and clear, turn the radio up, there’s a crowd in here.