Not An Interlude Tho

[Track 6] Not An Interlude Tho

You fake as fuck if they all like you.
Aint no single artiste fit for the public for all sizes.
One Man’s photo memory’s another’s alzheimers.
I’m a product of many cups of coffee and all nighters.
Blood and sweat form a solution with the ink..
..forming a distinct sound but since nobody cared.
Now y’all wanna share what you think.
Critics analyse your lyrics and they all write shit..
..Like errr coulda been better but it’s alright,
What you expect from me?
Wrote at the dinner table and slept hungry.
Better get a suit and then put a tie on your neck son..
..and get some. let you know you that got a check coming..
..cos they don’t care about potential, they respect money.
Opinions can be copped. If u broke, you might be sick, no anti-biotics, they don’t see the Infection spread.
Billions will have millions giving you ampiclox. Wow you so ill. Look man, we left you an extra bed.
if you’re feminine and they’re men then It can be box..
..they demand instead of bread.
Hoping that your Legs will spread.
Pay a hypocrite..
..and the words from his lips will switch..
..from you aint really shit to wow I never skip your shit.
Some of your idols might meet you and say ‘I heard you. You amazing fam.’
Translation, ‘I hate you, damn.
I wish you had remained a fan.’
They know hip hop, they know what you need to do to blow.
Blaba blabla bla. Oh really? Thanks that was  useful bro.
What you call yourself? Mister hip hop head?
Aka the main reason that that bitch got dead.
Keep your opinion to yourself if you aint filling up my bank account.
I appreciate your understanding bruh. Thanks I’m out.

Syke! i’m back again, you thought it was an interlude..
..even though the title was supposed to give a hint to you..
..with your dumb ass.
Your favourite rapper dizzy when I run laps.
All of these muthafuckas never really what they come as.
Packaging is halloween.
Scary that they don’t have enough heat to burn calories.
My heat can burn speakers, turn a weave to perm.
A nigga should be concerned.
Take this L with some new drive, maybe he can learn.. to win.
I’m giving classes to the under-privileged.
I’m the god, don’t you trip unless you on a pilgrimage.
Don’t you trip unless you on a drug.
I can see you dudes tripping when your fans show me love. Guess you want a hug… or your tummy rubbed.
I bring the hurt and you scream.
Niggas gonna make me flip like a circus routine.
You won’t like me when I’m mad, go from purple to green.
Haters would never love you, even if you were purple and green.