Not A Rapper Tho (Intro)

[Track 1] Not A Rapper Tho (Intro)

Verse 1
Look, I know what’s on your mind. Before u Say it chill.
Yeah I know this aint the type music that can pay the bills.
Or get me groupies..who be..making my mayo spill..
..All because of fame and not because I’ve been displaying skill.
I’m like any one of y’all can get the pole. No commitments. Let em go. Forget the goals, I’ll just Play the field.
Fake Gold on my neck tryna show I’m flexing.
Forget the art. My image getting me shows and sessions.
That sound like anybody you know?
(Hey you wack) I be like yeah I’m getting money and so.
So Sow your seeds in heaven and u go through hell to reap em.
I been soul searching I finally yell eureka.
Studied the game since the era of pelle pelle t-shirts..
..With dreams of running it so long I’ll have some smelly sneakers.
Hmn I still had light brown hair.
Mum saying get in the house or spend the night down stairs.
But it’s only 5 and we started playing at 4 pm.
She like ok but after the next goal you score, the end.
Before I had the balls to spit, I loved to kick balls.
Two rocks as goal posts in front of a brick wall.
Thick skull absorbing knowledge in school.
Never considered being a star..but I guess the astronomers knew..
..I’d be part their view.
Clouds separate, I rise through. As I elevate unlike the IQ of a Nollywood crew.

Verse 2:
My brother a young doc. The other a young soldier.
Me, I’m just..well a mystery unfolding.
Too long I been stuck in the industry’s gun holster.
peeshaun peeshaun. Now the adversaries run holding..
..Their mini skirts up..
..Like my skinny first love..
..While I’m shouting yeah Punk! Like that shitty hair cut.
I asked this one chick if she could really squirt but..
..She forgot to load the water gun during the water break..
..So when her water breaks..
.. she’ll probably use it to compensate.
Boogey pls dilute your lyrics naw, we hate to concentrate.
I promise I’ll try. I’ll try. Try to water down.
Make twerk songs for thirsty chicks who never put the water down.
maybe order rounds..
..For em while I get High in the corner cos I’m sorta down.
Nah I never get high. If I did, I’d order a quarter pound.
Cake cake cake..
..And write some dope shit..cleverly rhyming by mistake.
Y’all made it big and you spitting irrelevant stuff.
Sometimes I hope u fellas get fucked with elephant tusks.
Elephantiasis gets to your head..
..When you blessed with the bread.
You used to be sick, we felt the presence of death at your bed.
I’m not a rapper tho