Nephilim [Lyrics]


What you say girl.
I can be an angel and we can make a nephilim.
Feeling is hard to describe.
Push my heart to the side.
Never leave my heart to decide…
… ever again.
No more attachment, my old bonds, I’m severing them.
I think I feel seven again.
The reasoning begins.
I see the cycle beginning again.
And my memory be leaving with the wind.
A devil in a dress…
… but heaven is the breasts.
The treasure is the chest.
Oh lord I been looking for fool’s gold.
The body make me wanna spell God with two Os.
It’s that good, is it bad for me?
It just caused blasphemy.
Time for your ass to leave.
But you always come back in another form.
I happen to love the norm.
Relation…ship, “aye aye Captain!”, another storm.

One eye closed like Hagen my haven’s dans votre âme and we could make a Nephilim, your soul’s my only potion yeah

I beg to differ when you claim you sorry then i beg you to go.
I’m only human, you’re the devil I know. We both can get better, watch another level unfold.
I grow wings, I go sing in the heavens where they blowing the horns.
Ironic because I see that you outgrowing your horns.
It’s worth it.
Now that you know that we flawed, we’re perfect… for each other.

Saut dans le vide my lover
Coz ying yang we loop ourselves forever

You got no heart and I’m here if you ever want help.
We good for each other, only bad for everyone else. Yeah

Poison in your life I’m like cyanide to your friends but they can’t divide us we ain’t legs on a white slave

I’ll never rip your heart out, I’m not the animal type.
I’ll only take what’s left and handle it right.
I ain’t perfect but I’ll creep up in the darkness with my candle at night…
… and together we’ll find a moon and just stand in its light…
… like everything’s gonna be okay.
Cold world and your heart can’t take what befell the weather.
So come hold my hand, let’s walk into hell together.

And we could make a nephilim

What you say girl,
I can be your angel … and we can make a nephilim

You used to be the reason that I wake up
Early in the morn, just before dawn
My first yawn.
Felling like I can take the world in my palm
Make it run
This is me in retrospect, boy, it’s not just a pun
Now I’m the devil you know how about I take you through hell
Let you feel how my fire burn you gonna learn
What it’s like to be human with a funky dark side
You start judging me you know you fucking up, right?
But, you don’t hear me yo
Tell a good story when you rapping tho
I’m liking how you paint these pictures perfectly
And capture me like I am somebody who’s got nothing more to offer
Than make you suffer
Come over here, baby, sit down a minute
Let me pour you a drink, I really think that you need it
Forget yourself a while and consider my feelings
And listen really close to these thoughts that I be spilling
You see I always told you we could make this one a killing
And all we gotta do is fix our eyes beyond the ceiling
And aim for the stars
And soon enough the world
Would be ours
And we can make a nephilim hopefully without our flaws

What you say girl,
I can be your angel
And we can make a nephilim 2x