Monument [Lyrics]


Produced By Charlie X

[Verse 1 : PayBac]
Its amazing
How the dirt that i was raised in
Is raising me to places where I’m favored
They look up to me
They favorite
Simply cos i played with shit that they told me never to play with
Retire messiahs
A star right in your faces
Quit looking to the sky cos God he couldn’t save ya
Last for a Godly minute that’s a thousand years prayers,seances
They don’t exist
Create my tower of babel i ever fall i still stay on your lips
Create shit that rival monalisas
F getting an ice Feature
Audu/outdo anybody
Till I’m audi I’m never tired screeching
In the booth my drive the hottest you’d say its a hell of a ride even
I found patience is a foundation
Gotta dig deeper
Till you is around satans
Listen to whispers of what the dead now saying
That’s when you start to plant a seed
With levels of elevation
Momma told me pray to God papa said get education
Never believed it tho a drop-out aetheist is what bill gates it
That fuck up your whole playlist every single time you play this
This the pinnacle of rapping
Kill a white cynical assassin
And a brooklyn drug dealer
And that little queens nigga
This is views from the roof of the top dawg you never seen it
Its scenic
A monument the human race always needed
Like on the 1st
Create life with my words
The biggest tree
I came up
Right outta the dirt

This will be my monument
This will be a beacon when I’m gone
So that when the moment pass
I can say I did it all in love

[Verse 2 : Boogey]
Will I be one of the best to ever pick up a mic?
Should I pick offence if I ain’t the top pick of your five?
Will I be the one they pick up every time i’m picking a fight
Will it be a scandal or example when the bloggers put my pic on their sites?
Will I taste the fame and knowing what the riches is like
Will I cherish the camera flashes or become sick of the light..
..when it flickers
Don’t wanna be epileptic
Step in the game wrecking that shit til there’s nothing left and exit
I’ll leave a mark, I hope they recollect it
Learn a lesson guys..
..and reckon breaking my record’s hectic

Started as nobody but I morph into morpheus
If the pain bringing gain then the absence of morphine sure means more for us.. storage, Imma get my portion up
Father bless the water, my squad up in here to pour some up
Sip it and kneel..
..if drowning in it ain’t getting us killed
Then the diabetes insipidus will

When I die, i’m tryna leave a couple rappers made in my image.. make it big and take it beyond the stages I hesitated to finish
Hope they never see my legacy as something to be traded for minutes..
..of. Temporary fame
Hope they never get crushed by the weight of the business
I’ve waited for this shit.. become lighter
Just when I thought it had begun, I learned I would be gone by the..
..time they see the sign and how I made the beacon light up.. make em become fighters.. with me gone bye-bye

[Hook x2]