Make It

[Track 8] Make It Featuring Dominique Larue & Morell
Produced by Teckzilla, Written by Dominique Larue, Morell and Boogey

Chorus [Morell]
I don’t even think about it.
I need that fast money in my bank account.
Every single dollar counts.
Every single every single Naira counts.

Verse 1 [Boogey]
I’m chasing paper. It’s got the pace of Olympic champs.
Hustle killing every muscle in my limbs with cramps.
Opportunity be knocking when the Hinge is jammed..
..If you force it open, they hoping that you can sing and dance.
The true lyricists getting no love..
..But they washing us better than if we was wet in a tub.
You been rapping bout how many years you slept on the rug..
..Eating left over grub..
..But that kinda shit won’t get you no buzz.
..Where’s the line about your money?
Yeah that punchline where u lying about your money.
Money tall and it’s stacked to d sky but it’s funny..
..The low budget of d same video’s a sign that u hungry.
I’m quite generous.Subliminals for everyone.
Internet gangster who be killin em with sweaty thumbs..
..And emoticons. The Homie be packing heavy ones.
Oh quick sign out.U wanna die? Here he comes.


Verse 2 [Dominique Larue]
I’ma tell you I’m the best, no time for debates/
You can take notice on how the flow shines in ya face/
There’s no signs just slow grind all kinds of mistakes/
That’s why yawl cryin and pace/ I Divide it, erase/
Bring it back to the essence, back before rap was a question/
I will only drop facts in this session/ I’ve crafted a message/
I’m here to lead cuz you niggas lack in discretion/
I put ya ass in confession/
You ready to repent/
For you being petty and again/
You already on the fence/
I keep it steady when its tense/
And pull the levee let it rinse/
The way yawl get me is to get me presidents/
Uh yea, I’m too dope and ain’t no body competing/
On the this side of the beacon cuz i’m guiding you heathens/
And I’m, going slow or I’m making it fast/
I can pump the breaks or the gas/ it don’t matter to me

Verse 3 [Boogey] better blow before the phlegm accumulates.
Every season do u know how many men go through the gates.
See me I killing it and getting my shine on a couple features.
But still carolina wouldn’t let me bust her speakers.
Gino said I might have sold my soul to rap..
..But the pay would be enormous. And surely Impossible to fold a stack.
the brightest student of the game so why they hold me back?
They Promoting every little kid who’s tryna grow a sack.
These new Niggas getting deals before puberty.
Even more annoying,..umbilical chords you can see.
Child abuse.
Can Somebody file a suit.
The industry in some deep shit. Yeah a Pile of poop.
what you gonna do when it hits the fan, mister man.
All em dollar bills scattered on your bed on instagram.
Real life, a couple of squeezed naira notes.
How you gonna get rich..if you always deny you’re broke.