[Track 10] M2E
Samples The Throne’s “Murder To Excellence”, Written by Boogey

I’m possessed but what’s the worst that could happen?/ Get slapped in the face and that’s the word to the pastor/ Get strapped in the basement with the vermin I capture/ as meals/ Let me out, my stomach hurting you bastard/ I been burping and passing/ gas on purpose/ I’m scratching/ my way out, screaming I’m not the person u after/ Mixed moods, curses and laughter/ in verses I’m rapping/ Genesis verses and chapters/ versus the rapture/ Quiet time for the alpha and omega’s blessings/ Don’t need to shout or dance salsa in my prayer sessions/ The loudness of my deafening silence/ is now left in his infinite guidance/ Punish the wicked/ I’m ready now/ let’s bring death to the tyrants/ The shackles ain’t out yet/ They just kept em inside us/ Minds in fortresses/ of lies and false lessons /Smart niggas blind to the truth/ Einsteins with four senses/

And I can’t sleep, cos when I try, I’m tormented/ by screams of victims of bombs that killed/ their dreams/ Saw pictures of moms and kids/ laying lifeless/ and slayed with knives/ Bad men sell their souls and force the innocent to pay the price/ Fuck em and their affiliates/ No way to say it nice/ Getting butchered as they prayed and cried/ We live in dangerous times/ You either get hit by a stray/ on your way from nine/ to five/ or lay your pipe/ raw, get aids and die/ in shame and spite/ Muslim brother tells you the word of Prophet Mohammed is a way of life/ Christian brother says the only way to be saved is Christ/ Man! That’s the confusion that we live in/We took the word of God and confused it with religion/ Promises of a better life/ easy to say/ but politicians all about the throne kinda like Yeezy and Jay/

People afraid/ of speaking or seeking the truth, weaker than slaves/ bleeding in chains/ Masses all get on their knees and they pray/ Shit never seeming to change/ The reason is they/ be patiently waiting for some miracle to happen/ Like Virgin Mary appeared in the mirror in my bathroom? Faith very misconstrued/ If I offended anybody, I can’t wait to get a diss from you /cos nowadays it’s the easiest way they say your name/ Fuck being dope, you a couple twitter fights away from fame/ Deceit sweet but truth is pure and bitter as shit /That’s real medication we can cure our ignorance with/ Critics saying you Nigerian/ Y u no do no pidgin flow? Wait a second man/ I know you understand English though/ If u don’t/

Go get a refund of your tuition doe/ How could knowledge and education be so distant? I know you smart so you talk a lot but you don’t listen/ They gon’ listen/ to a man with his tone lifted/ Just cos he’s a known bishop/ don’t mean God has chosen him/