[Track 9] Kabiyesi Featuring Pryse

Verse 1 [Pryse]
Get on ur knees bitch, I’m in d room,
I’m feeling selfish, like a nigger that came soon,
So I’m sorry, couple careers I may ruin,
But I Pray for em, to find a nigga to pay for em,
no space for em on the throne, blame it on d ass,
I wud school these girls if they had a little class,
Everything I rap is dope puff n pass,
twitter to d streets all my shit don cast,
I’m coming up fast, haters wanna pull me down,
They can take another shot I’ma buy another round,
I see thru yall bitches like an ultrasound
The crown was lost n found, just lying on d ground,
pick it up, dust it off, perfect fit,
It is pretty obvious I am murking this,
When faced with true talent, u prefer to diss,

Verse 2 [Boogey]
Boogey rewrites history and in every
He Self proclaims what they fear to declare him as.
See me coming don’t just stare and pass.
Carry bags..
Clear a path..
..Like tear gas.
As I wear a mask.
Came out the ground that they tried to leave me under.
Ghost mode. They must have the eyes of stevie wonder.
Ha! Been a beast with the fire-breathing hunger.
The Acid burning your skin if I’m peeing on ya.
Die enemies. Die enemies. Die.
A freedom writer fighting till my pen will bleed dry.
Started from a level that was lower than the bottom.
Running after those you worship. Chase is over and I got em.
I got em. I got em. I I I got em..
..Where I want em.
They say I’m too raw and now I gotta where a condom..
..While I F em, F em, F em up.
F em all. F em all. I got that Hugh Hefner luck.
You Call me Conscious..I knock your favourite MC unconscious.
I constantly contemplate an infinite number of options.
A billion ways to drop anybody that think they popping.
copping copies of your CD. Lock em with you in a box..
..Or I’m boxing. Knocking you out..before
The punches in your lines can hurt.
As nightmares go. I’m the worst.
Quickly go find a nurse..
..For this maniac sick in the mind with words.
You feeling a kind of urge..
.. To chill and rewind this verse.
Listen to what you missed.
Miss me with the bullshit..
..Or don’t miss me when gone.
Mystery deep as a pentagon in a pentagram inside of a pentagon.
Hypnotised by toolz hips swinging like pendulums.
Wrap it up and pack it up. Noise makers is vuvuzelas.
And if they really happen to rap they’re probably fufu sellers.
I’ll really run rap circles round your rap circle.
When it’s 6ix O’ Clock, if you yung, then it’s time for curfew.
I’m sick and tired of peasants claiming the crown.
Spitting fire. Kids retired..
..when a man came into town.
Made a milli..a milli It was wired..to your Caman account.)Who cares.
I said I come in peace and it made y’all relax.
Rehab for being too sick. This is major relapse.
I’m gazing at the heavens from the terrace of this large Palace.
I was born a king. Watch me elevate to god status.
Crown the head of a supernova where stars gather.