I’m Wack

[Track 6] I’m Wack
Produced by Mistah Moe, Written by Boogey

Hello everyone my name is David and I’m a wack / (Crowd: Hiiii David)

Oh shit! Sometimes I sit and wish I could rap/ Wish I didn’t spit from my soul and project my thoughts as precise as missile attacks/ My lyrics are crap/ Wish I could spit about swag /or some random shit about bags of money/ or how I’m the shit so maggots love me/ Comedy rap, I ain’t half as funny /as Basket Mouth /when he rapping loud/ to a massive crowd who be cracking up, laughing their asses out/ They say: Dude face it,you too basic/ You gotta go sip some acid now/ pH down/ Shout out to Pryse holding PH down/ That was random, tryna practice wordplay or was it letter play?/ so never say/ I didn’t try to be dope/ I’m trying so hard to spit lines you can quote/ I never smoke weed/ no need/ I can just get high from d smoke/ coming out the generator/ while I try not to choke/***Coughs***(Add fuel, Add fuel)”So creative/ Wow, that’s hard”/ Oh behave /I was out of bars/ so I made it look all so planned and deliberate/ What you think fool? That your fans are illiterates? I’m just tryna blow / make some dough/ understand, be considerate /Just tryna be the best emcee /With no MSc /But them no send me/ (use FedEx please) /Well, let’s see /Think numbers whenever you select beats/ (Uuuh 5 and 6, 10) /

It’s a diss track when a name is mentioned. And so they say it’s wack, I’m looking for attention/ I’m wack (x3)
I hate that I’m a wack rapper
I don’t speak pidgin, I ain’t commercial enough, They can’t hear all I’m saying and so I probably suck
I’m wack (x3) I hate that I’m a wack rapper

It’s a ball game and they faking passes / If I call names then I’m taking jabs/ Hol’ up! Wait in traffic/Too many colours up in here (You Racist bastard)/I gotta make top ten, really man/ And that’s why I went and got dem skinny pants/ Get a chick that’s hot named Vivian/ Put her in a video that costs ten million/ Truth is a new vid/ will get a few hits/ but will never get more views than your nude pic/ Press mute on the music / so they only talk about how the chick’s booty is too thick/ (You sound like Canibus n Whoopi had a baby)Funny guy /I had a comeback/ Forgot it when I had my head deep between your mummy’s thighs/(Oh he’s talking about me/ let me go and tweet an obviously overcompensating attempt at sarcastic comedy and make him look lame in the public eye/ Ask my friends/ I’m good at this shit/ I get blocked on twitter like all the time/ They can’t fuck with I/I just tweeted about him/ Keep the RTs coming guys)/***Crickets*** Back to the subject/ Your best rappers don’t rap and you love it/ You be dissing an acting so thuggish/ Come around here, get slapped with a sponge, bitch/