If You Knew

If You Knew Featuring Sojay
Produced by Black Intelligence, Written by Boogey & Sojay

Verse 1 [Boogey]
Pouring glass number four and do you know what just happened.
Thoughts acting..
..Up, passing..
..Through a rough patch..
..I’m leaping off the top of anything higher than bungalows..or dropping, leaving the gun barrel like puff pass it.
I’m just joking I aint suicidal..
..But I might be getting closer, see the noose tied up.
Chill. Just imagine if my world ended..
..I’d escape this prison and maybe go serve a worse sentence..
..Where all the cursed men went.
The alcohol I’m sipping..
..Got me exaggerating it all a bit.
I should call it quits.
This burden on me, haul it quick..
..And Get it off my chest and I’m Mercy Johnson with smaller tits.
(He he he)
Minus the ass and the bumps.
Don’t wanna be a player no more, it has to be one.
Girl problems, feel Bad for me son.
Babe Shot me down bang bang. she emptied the Mag in the gun..now she’s gone.

Chorus [Sojay]
Oh Baby.
If you knew how much I loved to call you my baby.
You dey do me these things I no fit deny, my baby.
Now you’re gone and I don’t wanna look back on my past.
I son’t wanna look back, don’t wanna look back.

Verse 2 [Boogey]
Chill. If she knew what you had for her.
She wouldn’t just smash your heart.
Leave u Blue as an avatar
Well understanding a woman is kinda hard.
One second she wants you to grab a durex and bang her hard.
Catch feelings faster than stray bullets in kandahar.
Next second she throwing a fit..
..And throwing some shit.
(U love hip hop more than u love me? Focus on it..
..And don’t you go making songs and calling me a hoe or bitch.)
That’s what the hoe said.
(funny laugh)
Oops my bad.
I say that shit whenever I’m mad.
take it back as I think of her fine ass.
She got that apple bum..
..You wanna smash and cum..
..Back for some..
..More in the morning, you horny, pipe in her mouth as she yawnin..
..u tryna get it all in.
Aoow. That’s adult rated.
I said it Raw. Pure. That’s unadulterated.
break up was your fault baybay.
At least that’s what I tell my homies when we all faded. (Laugh)


Verse 3 [Boogey]
Fify kept a nigga in the touch me but don’t love me zone.
Best friends but occasionally I made honey moan.
Waiting at her place like when u coming home..
..And she says I’m dating my other friend now..sorry bro. (What?)
Felt like a sudden blow..
.. to my funny bone.
More grease to it and she might come back when money grows.
.Gina fell in love with Jesus.
I try to touch and she said (u going to hell you none believer.)
Bloody hell I can’t believer
I aint died on a cross to set her free yet so i guess i’m far beneath her.
Sarah gifted orally, all the things that chick did (whew)
She knew just how to treat a nigga’s biscuit.
Weeks later, she asking (are you friends with wizkid? *neh neh neh neh*
If you are, introduce us, i’m in love with him (hoe))
Our relationship became sickening.
No more catching feelings dealing with a video vixen.
Nneka was the skinny one with wisdom.
She was smart enough to break a sibling con from prison.
But it was annoying cos our intellects were clashing and she thought that every convo was a competition.
Listen well (she’s right, he’s wrong)
Forget that she got sickle cell, she’ll fight, she’s strong (she thought so)
Temper was the height as african rapper number one. Uhm that’s something to ponder on.