I Killed ‘Em (Rigor Mortis)

[Track 3] I Killed ‘Em (Rigor Mortis)
Samples Kendrick Lamar’s Riga Mortus, Written by Boogey

Fellowship of the rings and they asking for who the lord is / Vigo Mortensen / leaving ’em in the morgue in rigor mortis / with a gorgeous smile /Fighting Goliath, such an enormous size /I kill him with secret weapons hidden in my recorded files /Parts disorganised / and every organ iced /Left in the corner before the coroner arrives /You never seen a sorer sight /Brought a Brontosaurus to a Tyrannosaurus fight? / You gangsters stuck in tweet jail for starting a war on Skype?/ Bunch of thugs on the internet / lacking the intellect / but they need it to be the leaders /I need ’em to be deleted / from rapping entirely /Just pack and retire, B /I attack em with fire /You see the ash in the sky / and they be the last of a dying breed /I’m blasting ’em high as weed /Kush for the celebration / of youth and its elevation /I’m pushing the generation /and boosting the energy /if you hearing me / /you feeling terribly / for the rappers imma kill and you probably gonna shed a tear and grieve /I’m Achilles and Hercules sipping the blood of Heracles /Hearing these / cries for help /Where’s your league / you Michael Phelps /Nigga like yourself / wishing you had a couple Tyson belts /Know I’m the harder Mike /I done murdered a lotta mics / I’m Megamind wishing my head was made in a larger size /Skull is leaking / with all i’m speaking / /so they call a priest / to haul the demons / from my head to my dick, hoping that they dissolve in semen /I’m Paul before Damascus /That’s Saul to all the rappers /If the priest fails, imma advice you all to call a pastor /But F you and F your religious extremism / and your mentality closed as your reasoning left in prison /I’m open minded and searching for answers I have to find /You passing time / killing hip hop then I’ve got an axe to grind /

***hip hop, they killing it***

Leave you stiff as a statue /I know you wish i don’t catch you /I’m fucking swift ,imma pass you /Attack you / /for sleeping on me /A bunch of niggas in castles /Tasty dish imma have you for lunch /if you slow rappers is any quicker, you fast food /Cannibal lectures from Hannibal Lecter /I remove your limbs from them hinges and sockets, a mechanical expert /Bought the talent with gold I stole from a leprechaun /Mama told me give it back /I hope you know that I kept it, mom /I’m a Decepticon / blowing up before they detect the bomb /I detonate a second one / the minute the detective comes /

***Brain I killed em***

I’m Jason without the mask /I’m taking ’em out ,they’re trash /I’m dangerous to the people /my place is in Alcatraz /I’m an alien saucer from space that’s about to crash /I’m the stack of hay you set ablaze in a house of wax /Verses leaving your favourite rapper stuck in rigor mortis / but listeners don’t listen /they only fucking with the chorus /Boogey be rapping like he wrote his stuff with a thesaurus /They spitting with autotune so they suck at their performance /All those dudes rapping / with that auto tune wacker / than that nollywood actor’s / recorded tune smash hit /Smash it to pieces on the set of a Van Vicker film /No dissing but the art of music demands sicker skill /Do this around the clock and the second hand ticking till / I’m dead and gone / Eliminating the wannabes when all is said and done /Anybody who be coming to battle a monster with a Beretta gun / better know that I’m atomic and ticking to blow so they better run /Chasing ’em into a place / if it’s darker than space /I’m erasing the trace / of a nigga disgracing the rap / on a track / if he wacker than all of em actors / who rapping the crap / out the shit that we practice /I’m laughing my ass off /Attacking the last of the living and getting my NASA on /I’m blasting off /   ***Cut***