Hard To Kill [Lyrics]

Hard To Kill Featuring Cat Mayel

Produced By Sizzle Pro

[Chorus : Cat Mayel]
Hard to kill
I got nine lives and five knives and I never been to jail x2

[Verse 1: PayBac]
The stage is set
I’m bouta battle rap chucky
With mad props like the crowd gon love me
The referee’s a terminator and a zombie
We stole a dre pill from bill cosby
Flipped the coin and i was one to start it off
I said chucky you think you hard?
Not at all
You sleeping nodding off
You reaching knock it off
You too short

I wish i was a little bit tall

The crowd went crazy so i let them all scream
They calm down
And i said

And freddys a better killer than him

My time passed so i passed the mic to him
He said paybacs a bitch
The crowd boo’d him
He got pissed off
Ripped taylor swifts tits
Obama tried to kick him in the nuts he cut obamas feet off
He was tryna kill santa by the time i dipped off
Hopped in a chariot of fire, rolled a blunt and lift off


What’s going on in this place
It’s going down and I can’t be held down
What’s going on in this place
I am my friend and my enemy

[Verse 2 : Boogey]
Swift and I move..
..quicker than you
Niggas say they see me pass after a click and a boom
Am I the bullet..
..or the trigger puller?
Pull up..
..in a wagon with the Gees
No really in a wagon with the G
No, really in a wagon with the Gs that I snatch from a jagaban and flee..
..with the bag under the seat
Police chasing
I need pace and..
..i’m speed racing
Dodging the fire, the hospital won’t receive patients..
..wanted for crimes without dropping a dime to authorities
How bad could robbing the rich and giving to the poorer be
I’m asking rhetorically
Pow pow shit.. couple shots through the door, I bleed
Still alive huh? I die hard like willis..
..in five parts with villains..
..then my bars will kill em
Revealing life picked some nice cards to deal him
A GTA chase with 5 stars, you feel it?