Got Em Like [Lyrics]

Got Em Like Featuring Cyclone Artemis

Produced By Black Intelligence

Is this thing on

[Verse 1 : Boogey]
I rock the mic like a rocker might..
..even though this is sounding like some shit that make me wanna tell em what life in Morocco’s like..
..with a pretty arab and she got the talent to be belly dancing to some ballad at the palace of the King..
..and my phallus make her sing
Thank you for the extra talent..
..but I expect my balance
Just an exclamation of shock with the H factor
I’m hopping on stage rapping..
..with pac and the great rappers..

Living the dream sleep walking on stage rapping
In my pyjamas the crowd wave then i dive in
My soundscape is a landscape of mayans
Way ahead of its time
Time traveling
So i can stay forever in my prime
I’m on it I’m really on it
I waited the longest
I’m taking all this
On a collision course your colleagues in college
Don’t know what to call it
A win for losers
A hallmark for alcoholics

And we got em like
On a Friday night can’t stop no end in sight
And we got em like
When this thing jump
Big bass make the system bump x2

[Verse 2 : Boogey]
Said I’m like pac, If he came back for their spots
Wanna change rap but I’m locked in a cage captured
I’m not gonna stay shackled
Ha ha!
Believe that I’m shawshank..
..when I run through shit so much my knees and my balls stank
On all fours, banking on achieving a boss rank
I ain’t scared. Look above, you can see that the balls hang
Step in the ring and you die.. blink of an eye
I’m Sick in the mind, I’m conversing with the Ink as it dries

Special delivery
Really special delivery
Cos I’m special in a psych ward please deliver me
Bug out till i get carrots you niggas is yosimethe
Sam i got a plan with the mic stand in proximity
And oh them go hear oh them go hear me
Even if i gotta put my demo in agege bread men dem go hear me
Ojuju mask on them go fear me
Juju in my pocket don’t let your girl near me

[Hook till fade]