Gonna Try

[Track 9] Gonna Try

Verse 1:
Feels like forever I been invisible to the human eye.
If you and I..
..stood in a room and I..
..was spitting my newest rhyme..
..you be like who that guy?
Me? No, d other dude who pulled up in a cool ass ride.
He sucks but he’s got money to pay for promo.
His songs ain’t played pro bono.
And you, you’ve got the gift you need to elevate, you broke though.
Fight to rise up the ranks or never escape this dojo.
Stay away from people. You need you enough space to throw blows.
Soul sold to rise higher than balloons..
..or maya angelou.
The money that the buyer handed you..
..gets you to the promised land..
..next to the land of the fallen stars, where the comets land.
Things you do.
Mixed principles..
..like an islamic man..
..married to a christian woman.
Kid’s a scientologist.
It hit me like a ton of bricks.
I realise integrity and pride..
..weigh me down, I had sacrifice some of it.
..but never all of it.

Verse 2:
The world freezing, I’m heating up till I vapourize.
If you don’t see the vapour rise..
..you need to medicate your eyes.
Imma levitate so high..
..the sky is rock bottom..
..but these hard asses so mean that they sit on my music.. with that rock bottom.
You all defying a god.
Imagine being so gifted they never cease to say you over qualified for the job.
On tracks I spit my heart out, and so the verses bloody.
They hate but when I make it big, I’m every person’s buddy..
..and all the girls will love me.
They’ll swear i’m the hottest thing.
Put a hole in my condom just to get me to cop a ring.
The throne is at the top and they want me to watch the thing.
Who’s the nigga on it, I re-enact the Mufasa scene.
I been so active in the underground that they thinking I been in a closed casket, buried alive.
Ready to rise..
..like the level of rice..
..after osmosis.
The chosen one, the people say deliver us, Moses.