Face Off [Lyrics]

Face Off

Produced By Charlie X

Peace to God the father..
..but i’m becoming the image of a beast rocking that awesome prada
I’ve got some problems
Mentally, i’m meant to leave this universe. I’m meant to be light years away but i’m stuck in this dark asylum
A sinister sinner trapped in a synagogue
Minister replenish my spirit and have it sent to God
If I get it back and i’m back to this world of temptation..
..with the rest of the back sliders..
Resting my back by the..
..tree of good and evil with my note pad, pen gazing
Pen blazing..
..before moses got the tablets
If I gave a fuck about commandments, I’d have 10 babies..
..in the house of the lord, landlord yelling “where’s the rent? Pay me!”
May this planet be my little oyster
May this power make a harvest when a little boy starves..
..and he’s doing praise and worship til his little voice harsh
Bolder than rest, ain’t fucking shit up with a coy start
I’m more than a mortal mourning the death of sworn enemies
It’s more to this metamorphosis, I was born in league..
..that requires that the competition be great
What a bore as a bore a hole in your mind and I find additional space
Game change Y’all was just kicking it. I’m hands on
I do handshakes but you licking on a man’s dong..
..for the fame and the fortune
You claim that they forced you
Wanted to be hot, you played with flame and it scorched you
I’m the chosen one.. that they never gave any torch to..

Im the God Homie if you can’t get me then call Zeus
I be on Mount Olympus telling Venus to fall thru
Hit up Medusa like “baby girl what that tongue do”
Already got a heart of stone and the throne
Welcome to the age where niggas download they own shit and they lie about the numbers they sold
I guess the fame is a monsta with fangs of anacondas and the venom seeping right into your soul
This for mi and mode
Don’t pass the crown man this niggas is bogus
Nobody listen to they shit and they got thousands of followers
The math don’t check out
I’m really doubting you are who your raps spoke of
You was balling in that verse why you need me to promote ya
Nobody wanna rap they just working on the brand
Writing catchphrases your face catch the back of my hand
Right now fuck everybody
Pick the world up, drop everybody
Another tape with charlie man this shit’ll stop everybody
Ya seen pay spit on a track its mos def that you heard about me
Anything is possible if fashola stole millions
Its logical omawummi’ll hop on my dick meaning
I’m probably the shit the probability split
Like broken homes in earthquakes i plotted the twist
They dreaded where I’m headed
Even pot heads won’t forget it
I’ve been cooking in the kitchen
I’m on fire don’t you get it
Spill my guts in the prescence of mics I’m a legend
My writing is picture perfect
That’s why you envision every single thing i write in this verses
Shoot a movie with the clips I’m inserting
These clips of genius you glimpse
Eclipse everyone on the surface
I got a shredder that’a shred all of you vermins
The flyest you ever seen go in
“Is that a punchline with virgin?”
Its the bar barbarian dig a hole and i bury him
With your abobuko staring in they say the more the merrier
This niggas say they coming for my spot tell em to hurry up
Next time you see my ass your girl eating early lunch
Shitting on ur career fuck you niggas very much
I know my drive tight real tight shit very clutch

Oops! I think you scared em off
A couple of em tearing up
They crying as i’m tearing up the game..
.like I inserted inside of a person emerging a virgin to get the cherry plucked..
..after she barely sucked
Fair enough
All is fair in love and war, I let the middle finger loose until i’m out of every fuck..
..and I make the cannon shoot like Mariah Carey’s butt
The media telling me watch your lingo..
..but giving rap awards to any joker that drops a single
Locking up to stop the gods of hip hop from hopping in tho
I’m the menace they sending to sentence a larger percentage of you clowns.. that. Shoulda been blown..
..to this game of underdogs
I Eradicated rules, so you fools think you rocky, wanna box with Kimbo
Been a psycho slicing and dicing mice in the basement..
..planning your replacement
Face it, my face is in the mirror.. right before you scream and wake up..
..to your lady singing ladi da..
From places my penis take her
Freaky freak of nature
Pipe so long if I give her now, she can keep it to receive it later
(Jesus) wait bruh
Explains how I could be this hated

Gimme the rock I will not lose I do it like jay did
I need some ice to skate with when my days is gone

And the warmer nights are coming after the storm and the thunder strikes, dear summer nicer than a jay-Z song

The bars will sodomize these other guys
They full of small talk and a lotta lies

Digging for fortune where the lotto lies
Hustle like I made it once and they got me lobotomised

[B & P]
Fuck a drizzy song I said I started from the bottom twice

That’s why I’m double Nice
Boogey I’m ready for war if these niggas taking shots
Send your girl pieces of your body at all of her favorite spots

Oh.. don’t forget to take the watch..
..whether it’s fake or not
Me I be slamming the whore.. with my hammer of thor..
..until I break the box

Do it if she got aids or not
I just need that iPhone man
Aye charlie what’s your WiFi code man

[Charlie X]
I don’t give my WiFi code to broke men

No problem
Soon we gon get the doe men..
..and the many pretty chicks who wanna send sex pics at will..
..and the wifi for the netflix and chill

We done it 5 times and I don’t know the storyline still
Shit is Gods work
Strictly for the holy clientele
Jesus Christ in hell
Make the devil take the chains off

They been praying often..
..with the knees to the rocks
For a deal and then lucifer came and tried to sweeten the pot
Bitter niggas i wipe the taste off
This song about nothing, a fucking excuse to see the look on your faces when we face off