Face Me I Face You [Interlude]

Face Me I Face You

Produced By Sizzle Pro

I’m the one they call PayBac

[Verse 1 : PayBac]
I be the broad switcher
Bra ripper
Pause nigga
You gossiper
Cmon i been a pimp
And your pictures
Its all filters
You false nigga
With falsetto
You love to sing
And i ain’t got a lotta patience for yall
I mean let’s face it you soft
And i ain’t saying I’m hard
But i could take yall
Screen shots from twitter fingers
Yeah i could take yall
Plug the ipod in a boombox now watch me break yall
B boy
You getting beat boy
You thinking he 3 boys
Soon as i see boy
I set up a decoy
Right when you sleep boy
That’s when i creep boy
Like aye what you mean boy
Explain that tweet boy
You must not need jaws
I’ll get them destroyed
I’m an arsonist
With arsenic
And arsenio
When i see yo
Then yall get it
Now if this song hit you scream halleluyah
Stand to your feet if it do something to ya

[Chorus : Jay O]
Take a picture when I’m out on block
I got a hundred clips and my niggas taking a shot
These streets no be the safest pass
They go badabing badaboom
Run for your life

But if you face me I face you x4

[Verse 2 : Boogey]
You gotta be really silly messing with this crazy person
Insanity takes a lotta practice, every day rehearsing..
..and it gave me purpose
You can see the way these verses bring the flame, i’m an arsonist. I’ll burn your shit down

This is the rise of nerds
Nucca i’m Heisenberg
Nucca I’m killing everything,can you survive the purge, nucca
Never doing nada but you sly with words nucca
Claiming that you badder but your lies are worse nucca
Still be the greatest if I died at birth, nucca
Going up against me, it is quite absurd, nucca
Bone your chick and keep you on the side to serve liquor
Haha Poison. Why don’t you try it first nucca
Ha! It’s the revenge of the geeks
You can smell the death oozing from the pen when it leaks
Bada bing bada boom, and then I’m sending your feet..
..up to seventy feet
Nucca I’ll send you to sleep.. forever


[Verse 3 : PayBac]
Y’all better just hol hol up I’m the man
Y’all gon make me roll roll up in a van
Roll up with your hoe holed up in the back
Make sure that there no hold up when I pass
You know how lagos traffic be like
You know how niggas speeding past the traffic light
You know why the chicken crossed the road
I don’t I killed him driving by
So put me on the camera and lemme hammer
Or I get Thor drunk and snatch his hammer
Note keep asking why

I’ll hit you hard enough to kill a passer by
You asking why..
..I face a clan of hyenas with Plastic Knives
Maybe I’m dumb as hell..
..or maybe I’m like a bale of Turtles in a turtle race… with rocket packs under shells
Nothing and nobody really fucking with my humble self
Yeah, you been at the top, but even the mighty Ronda fell
I’m kick boxing my way through a shoe store for a box of kicks
You wanna walk in my shoes but I doubt even the socks will fit

[Chorus x2]