Every Little Thing [Lyrics]

Every Little Thing

Produced By Charlie X

[Verse 1 : Boogey]
Wanna walk in these shoes? here, wear a pair
Proof of my pain is the wear and tear..
..and then the rest were in tears
I met An OG so sad telling me nobody in this era cares

Is there love for a hero?

I see the light..
John is gone, they want the son of God, Jesus Christ..
Do you see why I had to grow hair and beard?
Elevator out of service, i’m battling my fear of stairs..
..hoping it will pay off on the way up.. and the bruises clear up there..
..but you never let time heal my wounds
You just wanna push me til my doom
I need you. What the fuck will I do?

Every little thing I say
Every little thing I do you should really know by now
Every little thing I say
Every little thing I do you should really know by now
It’s for you

[Verse 2 : PayBac]
Good day customers
I’m taking orders
You want a plate of depressing raps
And a cold water
And for the lady a love song
I heat it up in oven
Or maybe you just want a big bowl of funny shit
I got it
You know that tweet i tweeted?
About how you should love yourself
I did that shit for you
Okay more for myself
See i don’t got shit else so that shit helps when I’m depressed
Guess if it helps you its fine
Like i give a fuck ’bout your health
Like i give a fuck if music helps you through some trying times
Okay wait i ain’t mean it man I’m just writing rhymes
Download my shit on line
I put my life on the line
Doc said the green line going flat i put my life in a line

[Verse 3 : Boogey]
You wanna dislike then it’s fine
You wanna diss right when we trying..
..to please you. Please do..
..But I hate it that they got me in a cage like a police move
When is my release due?
Hashtag, Free Boog
Let the man rap like he should..
..and the sign is the signs that many of the fans had, saying we need you
Well I need you too..
..and I need you to..
..be more supportive
I be killing every little thing for ya, sorry..
..that the industry wanna erase every case that the court recorded
I Stepped in this, wrecking shit, and I left you with a trail of blood
Now you know who the assailant was
Hopelessness in this mission is what made every brave kid stop
Hope listeners know the ambition and they know that I gotta save hip hop..
..and the villain gotta go if he don’t wanna know what the feeling of dying is like
Rambo in a final fight..
..ready to face off, I lace up when the time is right


[Verse 4 : PayBac]
And for you i give my all till my very last breath
A breath of fresh air
Getting choked up while I’m rapping this
Its hard when you here
Heart on your sleeve
Knowing you could disappear at any moment
But still i did this for you
Forever imma live in here
And all the drugs i ever took
And how the girls would tell me move
Its all your fault
Every fan i ever come across
Carry your cross and mine
See for you i walk the thin line
You are why i am how i am keep that shit in mind

Why you salty
When you know I’m waiting
When you know I’m waiting here x4