Damage Control

Damage Control [Big Sean’s Control Cover]

They say I’m Possessed by dark forces. My idle hand been controlled to write.
They took my left and never left. Only left to control the right.
The sound of God and Lucifer rolling dice..
..On the coldest night’s..
..what the fight for my Soul is like.
Hold a mic..
..Like I hold a knife.
Time to make a killing..
..Or Something the ladies feeling.
I could put some doctor phil in..
..Or Fill in for drake with feelings.
(What hell are you)
A Question they asking often.
A weapon of mass destruction.
A tech and kalashnikov and..
(Pow pow pow)
(You remember me?) I gave you a mixtape so art-ificial.
You hardly listen..
..If we don’t put a couple of party hits in..
..Or say we want ur waist as we wasting some good potential.
(Aww you think it’s about talent. That’s kinda cute. Keep venting)
Haaa! Now let me spazz..
..Like I’m high on a heavy drag..
..Of that good stuff.
My Head in the sky as I left rehab.
Thanking fela and marley for inspiration they let me have.
I’m Rapping in front the mirror. Reflection is Jesse Jagz.
This thing could make u OD. You don’t know me. Every verse I smash it.
No Smash hit..But I been going hulk on niggas lowkey (loki)
Dropped a Sanctum video I saw the rating Spike..
..Then a control verse from another country came to take the hype. (Shyte)
You rap lovers..with hands dragging..
.. A band wagon that’s packed with people who just think it’s cool to have comments..
..And some social network emcees who just come to brag on it.
(Kinda sad)
I’m Bout to give em that work if they that jobless.
(No rappers in Nigeria) How good have u been searching.
Just because it’s by your people you conclude the music’s worthless.
The music lost it’s use and purpose.
Jeans are yellow. shoes are purple.
Forget the message. what matters to the Youth is twerking.
The industry tried to make me a ghost writer..for ghost writers.
They said I was too deep for danfo drivers.
It’s controversial so give me linda ikeji’s number.
She’ll say that I write so deep, you’ll see it 50 pages under.
No sleep. I Stayed awake practising cos I had the skill.
Coffee kept me up n so maybe some day viagra will.
I don’t want no trouble..I don’t want no trouble..
..limpopo is a river, not a dance. Nobody taught you?
I don’t want no trouble. I don’t want no trouble.
eva I’ll knock your lights out, If you just let me F..
Nevertheless, it’s trouble I’m causing.
I bet my life that imma be famous if I lose then it’s double or nothing.
If I’m desperate I get in touch with my cousins.
Have em in the sand at my shoot..
..waving hands. I’m in a suit..in a tub full of water.
After this, I’ll need white house protection.
How you kill your grammy dream for a nice blouse collection.
Pack heat or pack a punch that has pacquiao passing out.
You aint hip hop cos you say Yo and half of your ass is out.
Chicks forgot music they’re fans of 6-pack and a massive house.
Or if they laughing to the bank and you acting as basket mouth.
Girls with sex appeal that could make the D on a corpse erect.
Holla at your boy but know that I don’t have a porsche to wreck..
..Or the resources yet..
..To make Mrs. Odey your name.
Personally, (Hey)..I might decide to propose with a range.
They begging for S.A.D. Asap..
..Or my voice on that Omote remix by Ese P.
Ghana and S.A. be..
..Killing it, taking over..
..when we’ve got the greatest talent here that the media aint promoting.
See E.L. Sakordie and manifest..as they manifesting the sickness of a man infested..
..With parasites.
S.A rappers be competing , almost beating dudes in Ghana.
Mr. Forbes aka AKA, Proverb and Khuli Chana.
No more names..but that don’t the make rest Less important.
Running outta time and I prefer less stress recording. (Psych).
I’m M.I. Before chairman.
I’m terry getting scary on a track when they hear BANS.
They fear man.
I’m modenine on nine ecstacy pills.
I’m ruggedy taking shots at you mumu rappers. Wear a vest or be killed.
I am dagrin walking away from the crash scene.
I’m facing death and karma..but I’m beating the tag team.
Tagging me the antagonist.. Attack em with black magic..
..And you listening to demons battling if you playing this Track backwards