Burning Bush

Burning Bush Featuring Evaezi
Produced by Michael Excel

Verse 1 [Boogey]
I came to this
world looking white as hell, November 86.
Both parents dark skinned so what kinda baby’s this?
He maybe mixed.
Woah hol up. somebody better start spilling.
This the convo I imagine took place at the hospital.
Mama in nursing school.
Papa was a rookie sailor.
Now you know where I got my intellect and my good behaviour.
The good looks. The elephant in the room.
A sweet talker stealing sunshine and selling it to the moon.
elligible to screw..
..A naughtier..
..version of eva alordia..
..applauding it..
..But I can’t and it hurts I’m upset.
The perks of success..
..I aint a famous person just yet.
I’m working, I’m stressed.
On the road to greatness.Drive slow,u late.
Drive too fast..and you crash.you late.
You got it.no?not yet? Too bad you late.
Was a waste of time filling up all your school bags with weight.
I feel like a creation of immaculate means..
..Like to make me nobody had to ejaculate cream.
Yeah I shine but I’m not a fan of the flashiest things.
U never see me drown in ice like the dicaprio scene.
Still..I’m getting bigger than the titanic.
You can’t contain my size, damn it..
..Why panic?
Put me on your team.
I’m the answer for people who wanna confirm the truth.
That’s what I heard when I stood in front of the burning bush.

Verse 2 [Boogey]
Living my whole life knowing I’m meant for a certain purpose.
Searching earth is worthless.
So I look to the heavens for answers.
I shock the world electrocute all of em and the dancing.
I shock em like when a patient’s doctor tells him it’s cancer.
A groom to be who caught his bride in his bed and she banging..
..Another fella well is obvious the Wedding is cancelled.
I seen enough of the colour red in my bleeding heart..
..So It was hard for me to start when they gave me that Sea to part
See the part..
..where I flipped and  post traumatic stress kicked in..
..was when I noticed the game hanging from my neck swinging.
A pendulum..
..Depending on..
..Me to maintain momentum on..
..A regular.emotions put together with the blender on.
Sending songs..
..To label execs, listen up.
Some of em inefficient fucks..
..Steady Messing the system up.
I’ll be famous homie Wish me luck.
my member might end up in your sister’s butt..
..to piss u off.
I hope the lord forgives me when I’m cussing.
I don’t mean to cross him
I’m just tryna get my point across..
..I saw him point the cross in my direction and I had been chosen.
That’s when it occurred to me the reason I had this scrotum.
Not all sorts of people are called forth.
Not afraid to fall short then you possess the balls for it.
I’m feeling the pressure to succeed and I just gotta learn to push.
I saw my future clearly inside of that burning bush.

Verse 3 [Boogey]
If anybody had ever told me that I one day might..
..Get some of your favourite rappers separated from they mics.
Yeah right..whatever
..but I’m beginning to suspect my mother put some holy oil in that sunday rice.
Hmmn quite delicious..
..If u believe that blessings can be a spice for dishes.
9 to 5 or spitting.
Careful with your choice, u don’t wanna  wife a mistress.
The Office or the studio. Make the right decision.
Conversations with my conscience I be contemplating..
..Leaving hiphop before the marriage is ever consummated.
How many times they told that u’ll never make it boogey.
That u’ll never make enuff doe even to bake a cookie.
More times than I seen the matrix movies..
..And maybe more times than I put my hands upon some naked boobies.
Not as many times as I dream of dating bukky.
After all we been through man I got so much hate for cupid.
If she’s listening, she knows how just how I feel about her.
But will we ever be together for real, still I doubt it.
I’m their illest out..of a million crowding the stage.
If I get more agitated, I’ll kill a thousand with rage.
Chill. if he’s so gifted why nobody signed him.
If they don’t dig, nobody finds him.
He’s a bloody diamond
Priest preaching they wondering if the sermon true.
He’s just a messenger, d message is from the burning bush.