Burial [Lyrics]


Produced By Charlie X

[Verse 1 : Boogey]
He’s wondering what the foreign noise is
It’s getting harder for him to ignore the voices
The more he fights em, the more they’re boisterous
He’s thinking life is optional..
..and hoping his attempt to take his life ain’t botched and all..
..the friends that never gave a damn about him lose oxygen..
..and lay in the box with him
He’s searching for the light and he knows that it’s not within
The time on the watch is ten..
..live rounds in the Glock is ten..
..just in case the lives are nine..
..and he’s taking a shot again
Realised he could end it in more creative ways
Take the pain of blade in vein..
..or blood marinated brain
On the edge of a bridge with nobody to protest jumping
Takes the leap backwards, he don’t wanna see his death coming
On the way down he regrets something
I should have never written this in third person
I should have let em look me in the eyes through the lines while the words hurting
I would have listen to mama saying to expect miracles, if they were certain
I’ll rise again

Tried smiling for them to see that I’m happy x4

[Verse 2 : PayBac]
Skyping with a reverend
I’m seeking repentance
Its not my fault man see
Life just got the better
Of me and see i cracked under pressure
I used her baby for blood money without getting caught red handed thats an irony that’s messed up
A refnol and pistol by the dresser
I walk around smiling like i am not the devil
But my spirits heavy its why I’m out here yarning with you rapping a confessional
And father you professional
That means you can’t tell no soul
No nun no priest no cop no pope
Can’t tell em how i move a body in a volvo
But can you tell em how the demons eating me down to my soul
My thoughts are full of could i would i should i had i knowns
My choices either jail or use a ruger or a rope
A billion times I’m hailing mary if you tell me so
And if not man just help me tell God its my time to Go


Storm rise
Curtain fall
I am sure that you’ve seen it all