Body For Ground

[Track 3] Body For Ground

Chorus [Fefe]
You say you want my body, this body, you gon pay.
This banging lil body I’m packing it ain’t free.
If you no get money for hand then no way.
You wan put my back for ground, you gats pay.
Wanna get this dough (2x)
I’m trying to get this dough (2x)
Ahhh. You go pay…
Ahhh no way aaa
Ahhh Woo o o o!

Verse 1 [Boogey]
*Howl*..i go in beast mode..
..but i bleat though. (Meeh)
Stole clothes from a sheep. Oh. sheep clothing can be so..
..deceitful.. cheap hoes calling cheap hoes cheap hoes.
*I never open for these folks.
you the only one*
When she closed it, it squeaked bro.
Mamacita been a pro in the league.
Never play games but she love to blow. Referee.
Don’t come up in the club holding rosary beads.. i want a nigga who can keep it holy as me.
Smiled and you said thanks when i gave you red bottoms. I could see the red glow on your cheeks.
Spanking, i give you red bottom and i wanna see the red glow on your cheeks.
Just looking at the booty cos a grown man to weep.
Make a nigga break down, get towed with a jeep.
Caro, my arrow can make you bow for a week.
Forget the kid, come get grown nigga D.
Bet you never say no to this piece of..
…peace offering. Make you get cold in the knees.
A ring-a-ding ding, ringtone kinda chique..
..but another chick, i prolly download and delete.
Loving your dark skin tone and your weave.
Oh My God, you are Marylin Monroe if you bleach.


Verse 2 [Boogey]
You see my dark shades on like I can’t see you.
Well the truth is, I can’t see you..
..cos I’m a couple of bottles in.
Mister charlie sheen told me how to win.
Party from christmas till it’s Halloween and we start again.
I’m hardly in a position to be a judge.
See I’m buzzed..
..but you get a 10 for that bikini bod.
Soon I’ll be famous and my face will be on billboards..
..and if u behave I’ll take you on a shopping spree abroad.
Say make we catch cruise. Do see Tom running..
..after jerry?
Tell him your glass is empty.
Tell him to pass the henny.
Let’s get in the back of any..
Me and you.
Rumours of what you working with, I would like to see it too.
Damn I’m a bunny rabbit.
And If that body banging..
..I’m banging that body damn it.
I’d be lying if I say shawty was not flat.
Took a trip and when I got back.., she got back.
On course..
..for an encore
Show you the room, fun tour’s what you’ve come for
You want more?
Oliver twist chick
I let you leave my 4th letter covered in lip stick (2x)


Verse 3 [Boogey]
What if i let you lick it after you’ve taken em liquor shots.
Picture hot..
Sex and a likkle scotch.
You making my pickle pop.
I like to do it with my socks..
Need a yellow baby, you ready to pick a pop?
Use hands.
Dive in with a huge tank.
Boom bam.
Giving you cramps.
You loving my Fire balls. Lu Kang.
Never shoot blanks.
I’m a pro evolution shooter everytime i hit the box.
Wait… Are you a swallower or spitter.
That’s what i gotta know before i follow you on twitter.
Materialistic loving the ballers and the givers.
Apologies, you probably as hollow as a river..
Met in spring. A week into fall and i was with her..
..but when i plant a kiss, It blooms, falls off and it withers.
Cornucopia of corny poetry.
Boring as a couple monkeys watching a growing tree.
I’ll turn down ever body else if we turning up.
Way you move, damn..can i help you lift your furniture?
I aint famous, now she want jargo.
Said you’ll never leave me, now you wan ja.. Go!
Still i got my fingers in the cookie jar though.
Like it when i eat. Never let me keep my carbs low.
We getting really explicit..
..on my next visit.
She go *ah* when i’m giving her them neck kisses.

Chorus x2