Beautiful Mind

[Track 14] Beautiful Mind
Produced by DJ Klem, Written by Boogey & DJ Klem

Stand up and applaud my fight for the throne/ in a globe were everything’s ice and it’s cold/ I can prove it/ Dinos died when it froze/ Wise men giving advice to the bros/ who be heaping that cream like ice in a cone/ Man working late when his wife is at home/ Money on his mind, dollar sign in the dome/ and the money on his mind got a mind of its own/ and the mind is controlled/ Many men will grind for the doe/ from the nine to the five/ too tired like bicycle chrome/ Chase cheese cos it ain’t never coming to the mice in the hole/ so I’m spitting till they know a nigga nice with the flow/ Often I be thinking that I might let it go/ Then I be pushing it till I’m frighteningly close/ like a player taking shots that be striking the post/ Five years ago/ I was good/ but I wasn’t good enough/ I’ve improved/ MI put the new guy on IM2/ cos he ill and he recognised that I am I aM 2/ Wanna hear the bullcrap I been through? No good luck/ I had shoes/ Black back pack as I roamed Lagos with my demo but no money to be bribing dudes/

One time for my pops and/ Mom and they gon’ shine when I cop them/ new cars and a house/ Seeing their son cry ain’t an option/ So they keep praying day in day out, that their son signs on the dotted/ Line/ How they want this?if they want rhymes, imma drop em/ Punchlines imma drop em/ but I’m confined to this topic/ Back to the point where I left off/ How they never listened and told me to F off/ I’m kinda like a prison bunk so the pun intended, I’m too hard to be slept on/ I’m the best one/ and the rest come/ next on/ the list of newcomers who getting a response/ (Yes Boss!)I show respect to the Ol’ G cats/ but I don’t expect em to hold me back/ Was so upset when they told me that/ if the doe is set and a homie wack/ he can blow in seconds/ It don’t mean that/ his flow’s impressive/ He’s only stacked/ with a lotta doe/ I aint rich so I’m passing another road/ Carried a lotta load/ on my shoulder/ heavy boulder/ that be cracking my collar bone/ but I know/ that I’m meant for the greatness/ Daniel walking into the lion’s den. I’m the bravest/ I blacked out when I wrote this/ Absent minded/ my head/ went on vacation/ on a lil trip/ to the ink drip/ to the pen to the paper/ then to the playlist/ Plus DJ Klem is amazing/ Headphones plugged in/ Enter the matrix/