[Track 6] Basement Featuring Danny Gomez

Verse 1 [Boogey]
Watching myself become every enemy that i fight.
Imperative, a negative source lending all the might.
Fuck you from the light.
Posessing me, guess it’s the revenge in me that you like.
Seeking peace i’m deep in my inner sanctum but i got this weapon by me.
My soul aint cheap. It’s on lease. You know what this Check will buy me.
Chasing that money. I get it then i say get behind me.
You’ll cause me 99 problems till i reach my death at ninety.
Face it, they slow you down by paying you to be..
..complacent, believe you had a fine day and you can sleep.
In my late twenties but my mind grey and losing teeth.
Reach your goals. Running outta time, player use your feet.
A life impregnated by vindiction will birth hate.
You and fate did a bit more than kiss on the first date.
Finding love as a mission gets you missing from earth’s face.
Come clean and these women have you ditched in the dirt, Dave.
Fake friends in the book of life, written in a smaller font.
Say they got your back but don’t you listen man, it’s all a front.
God judging but lawyers loyal to lucifer.
More grease to their elbows, they’ll Find some oil and use it up.
Shit. My word timeless as pharrell’s face is.
Preserve this food for thought. I Let you niggas smell and taste it.
Riding on angel wings till the day i felt hatred.
I was elevating..
..then fell graceless.. hell’s basement.

Chorus [Danny Gomez]
The harder you go.
Deeper, the scars will show.
Locks you and keeps you away from everything that you know.
You’re locked in hell’s basement, and it won’t let you go.

Verse 2 [Boogey]
I’m looking down from this balcony.. you bow to me.
I’m about to be..
..crowned in the presence of those who doubted me.
But i fear they wanna put a spear in me..bury me.. i drown in tears of family, friends and foes who surround and grieve.
Hey Thomas, i promise imma come back to life,
jump out the ground and leave.. soon as i can’t remember how to breathe.
Sorry to disappoint you nigga, your expectation had never smoked a pound of weed.
(He’s Alive)
And I’m back to back-to-back murder.
And i carry my sins on my back like a back pack and my back too black, burning.
And i hear a voice from the sky saying it’s ash to ash, go to church, let them serve you a sermon..
..and you’re saved..
..from the serpent who’s observing my servants..
..and serving em with lies.
You despise the bitter truth, you sweeter than a bowl of flakes.
i’m too sick for ya, so just salute me, nigga don’t shake me..for ebola sake.
How do i fight my demons, damn i’m tryna be Bruce Lee.
They beat me black and blue and made me choose the deep blue sea.
And I weep, you see..
..bruises as i carry my cross across the border.
Deep blue sea aint been a problem since i learned to walk on water.
Carpe Diem.
My journey on this flying carpet begins..
..but it’s getting hard to tell the start from the end.
Like…what if there’s no afterlife after life.
You thinking that’s the light..
..when the tunnel turning from black to white.
A train coming nigga.