Bad Muthawhat Featuring AT & Paybac

[Track 3] Bad Muthawhat Featuring AT & Paybac

Mirror Mirror who’s the man with the biggest balls.
They working around clock just so they can watch for whatever makes me tick is all.
A game, tickets all..
..then I kill shit. I’m the ripper y’all.
You just rip em off.
I’m telling niggas now the jig is up.
You’re not a dick rider thinking that my shit is nuts.
They wanna thank me for the wacks that I rid em of.
Peace to the real, if you’re quacks then you’re sitting ducks.
I’m the shooter, I use em for target practice.
Ratatatatat.. It sound like some marching band shit.
Take your hoe, not the one that you plant with
I’m the god tho, the reason your harvest that big.
I Be merciful.. but if you defying then I be murking you..
..and if you praying to me crying, i’m at your service too.
Go ahead, tell em how we operate is surgical.

I hear the sound of a million
Rain drops coming down, this a be a long day
I put my light to the wind
Out here with my niggas & we ride to the end
Stand ya ground or you’ll always run
U either drown or u swim along
You know everybody wanna be the king and all that
They wanna cruise around and never hit a roadblock
Broke out of that mental prison, never going back
If u dey hear me now it’s time to listen, not a bloodclot
Co-sign but it’s your grind that’ll get u there
Plus the Most High, then we all die in the end
I’ll be the most fly till I’m close-eyed permanently
I’m a role model to all my enemies
I just need some guidance
So I’m rolling up now have u got a lighter eh
Now we dey for the island
To tell the truth daddy I don’t see no rival
Badman a call me AT, the gyal set
Make a batty boy wan get it, and hell yes
Need that matte black on a Mercedes, kill rappers never pay for it
Even when they love it dem a hate on it, brazy.

I’m a zombie
pulling a graveyard shift
Climbing out of the underground
Like lord shine your light on me
Moonwalker my path is great
been soul searching you know tryna find my feet
On the web or get a song to chart climb at least
bad o even baddo’s not as bad as me
Gave 10000 hours need more than 15 minutes please
Don’t rush me got way to much time invested in this
And i’ll be goddamn if niggas ain’t listen
Gave my all
so when i come for mine
then bet your ass everybodys missing
I take yours and yours and yours
I take hers the whores the preachers the sinners and the altar boys
Take shit from a kid just cause
Fuck it i might die fuck around and take gods

Stepped in the room.
Hit em with the sonic boom..
..when they say they run the city but I see they run on fumes.
I don’t give a mutha F about the son of whom.
I son you.
Who’s your daddy teaching you a lesson. If you less interested.. and it let’s in..
.. the ignorance then it’s on you.
Come through swift..
..with the kung fu kicks.
Black belt when I kick it with a dumb dude’s chick.
She be getting all the work for the ones who quit.
Message to the exes.
You never shoulda left this.. (Deee)
Nobody could be erect as.. (meee)
Reckless when I wreck this V.
I don’t mean to be sexist,please..
..can I maybe grab a breast and squeeze..
..then I bark at the kitty, can I eat it in
The morning?
What else could my breakfast be?
Now you know my secret to being the best MC.
Every time I taste it, come test and see.