Ask For It

[Track 4] Ask For It Featuring Eclipse

Chorus [Eclipse]
Nwanne welu nwayo maka echi di ime
Still dem no dey hear they want to kill me
Hafukwa the matter m’kwo onyeobula a scatter
The too fresh ka’m shi eshi batta

Verse 1 [Boogey]
I’m too impatient to wait for curtains to separate.
On the roof ready to drop, maybe get hurt and my legs will break. (Kak)
giving you tha not-so-popular demand.
Go cop it..or imma pop ya..and then drop ya in a van.
Lock it..and take your body..where I’m depositing the sand..
..All because you aint one of the people rocking to this jam.
Binoculars in hand.
Watching the same the same song..on replay, son. Disc Jockey got no hands?
Hiphop has got no fans..
..,The masses are implying.
You better forget the rapping and sing (sing faya)
Homie joined redeem choir..
..To Inspire..
..Holy chicks to dash him d ting taya..
..When he sings higher..
..but Agbani not as slim as the chances of him flying..
..So he’s falling with style.
Listen to request shows and Call in. Just dial.
I’m so local..imma go global..and conquer the industry.
See what the bigger picture be.
Picture me..
..In timberland boots..
..In timbaland’s booth..
..Making a single and Aaliyah’s ghost singing that hook.
Am I supposed to change, am I super like Clark Kent is?
A bird a plane an angel from heaven and God sent it.
Video viewers seeing more ass than park benches.
Rap was a movement and now we can’t even start engines.
Wanna hear my music? (Yeah)
Ask for it, make it a prayer point..
..But the pastor never telling God if you don’t pay your coin.
Pay your tithe nigga.
Make the guy richer.
(Please pasteh, I am only making 5 figgas.)
Tell em Boogey’s the truth and you best lie never.
(Blaba blaba bla)
That was the space I left for my best line ever..
But did you ask for it? (no)


Verse 2 [Eclipse]
Believe me when I say that I am king
Drop to your knees bow down and kiss the ring
I’m talking bout money you talking bot hashtags
Tell me to be humble forgive I gats brag
Cuz Na me be that boy from umuahia wey been dey battle rap
Na owu wey blow me wey make me change the way I handle rap
Chai I drop track they talk say e too hardcore
Tried to dumb down but what more can you ask for
Finally getting paid allahamdililah
I hear you niggas say you go ham it’s a lie
We both got trapped in the jungle of life
Went to hell and back but I’m the one who survived
You following your destiny while im living a prophesy
Its not  a completion im chasing something you cant foresee
Welcome to reality in which you know that im a beast
Rappers are like unicorns to me to me u don’t exist
You didn’t notice it tell me who’s cold as this
Im rocking kicks from a different timezone hommie that’s overseas
Badman material tell me can you conversate
Lost count of groupies from twenty ten stacking up to date
Quit with all the bickering badman put a little in
Cuz im the one they talk about even when they whispering
Got goons  to seal a man catch tossed up in a van
Ironically I still flow sick enough to heal a man