Art-Ificial (Shutdown)

[Track 16] Art-Ificial (Shutdown)

A nigga with a dream/ Bigger than it seems/ Spotlight coming when they hit him with the beam/ or giving him a Beamer, Benz or Range/ Get himself cleaned up, spend some change/ Chasing the dream but friends complain/ that he never wanna see them/ Lens need change/ but they blind to the fact/that he grind to the max/ Where were they when he was getting drenched in the rain? Sunrise till night fall/ Bus rides and trekking on the side walks/ They be saying that you dope and they like ya/ so you go home hoping that they might call/ but they never do/ You ain’t commercial/ Talk about your money/ Listeners want lies instead of truth/ Better use/ corny ass naija punchlines or it’s gonna be a problem selling you/ Life is hard/ Get rid of a problem and you meet one that’s twice as large/ Life is dark/ The only time shit seem bright in the storm’s when lightning sparks/ On the bright side, the hustle beginning to have a little effect/ I’m considered a threat/ but it don’t mean a thing until I’m getting all em binary numbers written on checks/ while I sit on a jet/ Private flying to a show/ on a beautiful island/driving to my hotel/ I do a private ryan with a hoe/ then I take her private, slide in with the pole/ Riddle flow/ like a mistle toe/ all over head like a chick that be finna blow/ If you know/ me you know/ It’s only a day dream my man/ Hotels that i stay in? Islands? Pfft! I shoulda said VI man/ I write shit under the deep sea, dive in/ Treasure chest open and you see my ink/ in a heap shining/ Beast left in the dark/ before my mama C-section could start/ Growled and he took a deep breath and he charged/ outta the womb and he’s tearing apart/ everybody that be saying that they sitting on the throne/ Never Gimme what they owe/ Never picking up their phones/ Little do they know/ I be sitting with your hoe/ Let her lick it and I go/ “Can I stick it in your hole?” Vulgar?/ then I shoulda said vulva/ All good/ imma still beat it to a pulp and/ I digress to a line less profane/ Sup Eva, Hi let’s role play/ Imma get a zombie disguise, yes you’re playing/ Snow white who ain’t really white, yet so pale/ Wait a second/ Can I get some brain/ while I reach for your thighs? breast? ok?

***what are you even talking about?***

it’s just sometimes it sucks/ when you try to impress your finest crush/ and a line gets crossed/ and the guy gets cussed/ out I hope you enjoyed all the random ranting, banter, slanders, handed/ to you but radio might ban them/ Abandon/ a nigga with true talent/ and they cant see you when it shoulda been hard to miss u/ If shots that I aimed at my targets missed you/ Imma get you next time/ Now I gotta go back to the source, nigga/