[Track 7] Ameno Featuring Zee

Verse 1 [Zee]
Hail Mary the blessed mother of grace,
tell the father im bothered about the journey that i face.
In the face i stare at the devil he’s trying to slow my pace but the face that i face is covered up in disgrace.
I aint bound no laws im all about the money tho i feel like a church rat hungry for the cheese.
and the rat race and the heartache never seize so the devil on the side tryna bring me to my knees.
Suddenly it dont matter if im bigger than the other rapper who u niggers say is better cause she’s been on tv.
Im on that work shit hustling. 1 hand on the mic and the other sending emails with my cv.
The industrys dark u dont wona come near. Never understand what these other rappers might fear.
Neva talking bout the demons that dey face around here. Im the star wise men gota follow my dear.
Im up againt demons and naked celebrities flashing tities and some idiots still expect the same from me.
Its obscene cuz my lines still remain the slaying sword cause i always kill the beat and like a goat i chew the chord.
I see blood dead people here after the seventh horn took my time to read the chapters again and be reborn.
Turned away from the dark now i bring the spark back.
You will never lack if u act and take your soul back.
But ofcourse i am zee theblyrical majesty.
Put a scar in uour hearts so y’all remember me.
Its the end time at the same time i’ma preach beware! Beware! Fake rappers everywhere.
Tryna be the female version of eminem turn this place to a convent when u as for my competition, none (nun) here.
Dont fear i say it as it is when im on here.
Boogey get your ass in the booth jor im done here

Verse 2 [Boogey]
I see a being with a pair of clipped wings
falling out the sky.
Landing in an abandoned city where sinners go to die.
Placed on a pedestal and if your pinnacle is high..
..Up on the highest pillar then u can face it eye to eye.
Finally facing the grace u idolise.
Take it and take it to the same grave where your idol lies..
..Buried in a pile of lies.
You sucker you fell for the words of a preacher. Suffer in hell for being too righteous while alive.
Warm bath in the holy water and it burns then it turns black.
To affirm that I got my horns back.
bats circling the tub with a swarm of bees.
Horror scene. What I see, everytime I record rap.
I lose a portion of my soul.
Tiny morcel and it goes..
..In the hole where the queen of dark forces has been thrown.
It was nice doing biz witcha..
..But the price took me out of God sight. I need his vision.
See the price tag that my soul has..
..Like a dress or a nice bag, thru the show glass.
I’m dreaming of what I might have, If I sold half.
Quite bad but despite that I’ll never go back..
..To being a whisper in the shadow of a superstar.
You can start hating, I sacrifice love for this stupid art.
View the scars.
Ice box where a human heart..
..once was. it’s whatever. I’m ripping this fucking booth apart.
What they said is the promise land is becoming more of sodom and gomora..morally dead.
I should be headed home.
I’m grabbing dorothy’s legs.. the heels clicking..
..but my soul still sick..
..i need to heal quicker.
(Red blue red blue)..shit i got my pills twisted..
dollar signs..
..They got me colour blind.
Black hole turned white light then i fall inside.
..for this Poor vision..
..till i see the light and i’m Forgiven.