All Love

[Track 10] All Love
Produced by DLyricist

Sometimes I wonder how did i get here.
Against the odds, rubber slippers, running up these wet stairs..
..with a fucking knife.
Slipped a couple times.
Almost nine..
..but i had a nurse to stitch the cut in time.
Yeah time heals but the scar stays.
Taking out the stitches
Giving God praise..
..for showing the way to my inner Sanctum.
..forgiving and for giving a sinner answers.. the questions that the righteous ask.
Visions of the perfect future got me wishing i could rewrite the past.
Shoulda stayed away from the street where them guys ran up on me with machetes.
they didnt make a tech spray.. least..but they cut me deep.
blade halfway inside my left wrist.
I shoulda never fallen in love.
Butterflies in my colon and all.
poop em out.
Women having niggas whipped..i swear all of us flogged.
Transfer to someone else like they Balling in clubs.
Bunch of players.
Tell me guys do you feel my pain?
She loves you cos you perfect and she leaves you cos u still the same.
Chasing mrs right and chasing a dream.
Sometimes the same coin with opposite faces it seems.
*Dont forget us when you make it*… Don’t forget me if i don’t make it.
I deserve the bread so much you think my mama home baked it.
This will perhaps Burn bridges.
But i heard that people who suck at rap turn critics.
Uhn..chill my nigga just listen.
But it’s hated before you heard.
Boy it’s annoying when i am debated among your peers..
..and you try to be different cos it’s cool to be.
Who is he.
Getting shine and he don’t rock no jewelry.
Try to know the dude least.
You good at what you do. What have you achieved.
M.I., modenine two of the greats..i aint no hater
but i’m hot on their heels (hills) like volcano craters.
Hope they aint mad at me for tryna take their spot.
I been on my grind since before vagina became box.
Watching the throne..
A fan, protege, and now the competition.. it’s an honour to be the one to take it from em niggas.
It’s all love but I’m killing everything i’m on.
Hopefully i’ll make music they love enough to sing along.
Baby steps, short reach of my legs.
Headed to the headies reciting my speech in my head.
And then they announced a winner and for while i was fazed.
But then Toolz booty came and put a smile on my face.
Phone blowing up, twitter, text here, text there.
Everybody saying don’t you worry, get em next year.
Shit.. i aint gon lie, man i felt hope.
Nominated finally, i thought i was in stealth mode.
(They watching)
Hey brownie, do you think of me?
Every night i swear that i can still hear you sing to me.
Crushed a nigga’s spirit..
..and now i love you means nothing when i hear it.
Dreams of getting famous together.
Woke up and felt such pain as i never..
..imagined that i could feel.
Remember? Nah
Conversation full of LOLs.
Angel in my paradise, now devil in my hell, oh well.
.In my dream, a wedding bell rings.
Giving me some hope like it aint over till Adele sings
Why you afraid? I aint into kiss and tell things.
I knew that it was over the minute i heard adele sing.
The most gifted of my time but always left out.
Niggas feeling at’s time to move em to the guest house.