Ain’t From Around Here

Track 19 [Ain’t from Around Here]

Verse 1:
I feel like I’m from way beyond the stars.
Who lied?they played me from the start.
Gettin me brave.ready to save but being a saviour is hard..
..When they refuse to believe me cos I go hard..
..And they been used to the easy..methods.
Cheesy records.
See these reckless rappers.
Some of em real but really d rest is actors.
Some of us gifted.Some us ill..but really the rest is practice..
..and if u willing to get some answers.. better be ready to sever the bonds with humanity.
Be warned..that you probably gonna be one..with insanity..
..but strong and powerful fighting against the bombs and calamities..
..that be killing the globe..and drilling a the planet.
Stealing the they’re hopeless.
Leaving their homes.Now they’re homeless.
My rap is a weapon.I’m spittin it,splittin the domes of opponents(POW!)
Defending the weaker folk.
I’m sending a lethal dose..
..of my venomous ether flow..
..making the enemy’s speakers blow.
We can go.. the future and back.
The future of rap.. me.
Can’t u see?
It’s the new school.I’m ruling the campus B (Me)

I’m feeling all alone, like there’s nobody here.
Cos I’m a long way from home. I ain’t from around here.

Verse 2 [Boogey]
I feel like I was born on a distant planet..
..with a spectacular gift of rapping..
..with some madness..
..mixed with wits and spazzic..
..sickness,havoc and pain.
I haven’t complained.
Wanna be happy to say..
..I happened to change..
..the African game of hip hop.
Tryna get in the industry but shit’s locked.
It’s blocked..
..with a big rock..
..I hustle to move.
I scuffle my shoes.
Hoping that it aint got nothing to do..
..with being such an improved..
..version of em.
A lotta discrimination.where’s the loving?
Intimidation never worked on me man,I aint scared of nothing.
My thinking is way advanced.. they talk about change of plans.. rap has lost its ancient fans.
Those remaining just came to dance some crap.
Now you can wave your hands and you can clap..
..but don’t you be thinking that cos you listened to a couple jams,you can rap.
You can strap yourself with C-4,hoping to blow.
All you see is the smoke and the glow.
I keep an open mind like a hole in a dome..
..scoping the whole galaxy with a bird’s eye view.
Boogey is evil,David is cool,Brain has a nerd’s IQ.